SnowSwap, the Festive Season and the btcSNOW Pool

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 19 Dec 2020

Interesting updates from SnowSwap, where a Bitcoin bridge between the two largest yield farming ecosystems: Yearn and Harvest finance allowing the holders of btcSNOW to earn the underlying yield of the aforementioned protocols plus the SNOW rewards. dbe6d302dd6f93d9fcfe780325ff43648c1f35c6999e8e27d35b54b62f1d1b54.jpeg

A SnowSwap AMA took place at the start of December, and lead developer Snow King answered to the lots of questions and presented the updates regarding the Roadmap and community development. My question was if auto-compounding pools are being considered for integration but it didn't made the cut. However, is nothing abominable at SnowSwap ... just great APY and residual income.9a7925345a848993d54d042e030f262b26b841d5a5a9c2141ef62184f2eb9a79.jpeg

In my "Do you wanna build a snowman?" article I covered my experience with SnowSwap and how I staked my SNOW tokens into Frosty's Pool. Basically all you have to do is to add SNOW and let the pool do the hard work.5de5a0e3467fd924c1704335aae8e3850f807c3540ecda79d603789742827fb2.jpeg

Don't rush to build  a lazy snowman ⛄ Let SnowSwap help you out. The platform was the best tools to help users earn residual income.f0793ff91b4608efbe1b4c280913fb19c1c113a5766b26e706914a7f4db32fc9.jpeg

My SNOW stash gets bigger and I am thinking about taking it out from Frosty's Pool and deposit all as LP with Ethereum pairing for a triple APY. Would it be a good idea? At the moment I can't stop checking the Frosty's Pool every five minutes to see how the APY grows.f495db5db7913745b25e41a554edf2240be8444d89d93eda3d222eff189e4d66.jpeg

My journey with SnowSwap started with a bit over 8 SNOW tokens, when the value was about $2 and until now I farmed 0.88 SNOW in the old pool and 0.44 SNOW in the new one. The APY was never lower than 70% and most often I seen it close to 100%, which is great!6b2fbe79a69cf9bdb270e6669c4e931c000559b3c70a4224fdc5401e429f4185.png

It's another steady source of residual income, specially with the price surge SNOW is having lately. SnowSwap is now going to the moon... SnowSwap is going to the North Pole to shine bright like the Aurora Borealis. Yo Frosty! Keep that SNOW coming! d851e7fc676c8e0b21413a549d02f654c6fffcb5eaf55463a5bdbd8c3b785aea.jpeg

A blizzard started as SnowSwap launched btcSnow, the first wrapped Bitcoin token. The btcSnow pool will unite the joint kings of the DeFi, Harvest Finance and Yearn. Focusing on the projects with the biggest TVL gives a great opportunity to Snow holders.f3d09d80a0a3d930d421e96d3739a4ee752fac78ff7b75064dcf29f1a432b9f1.jpeg

SnowSwap will now grow under the Harvest/Yierd partnerships and will become a big player on the DeFi market. Imagine this badass Santa bringing gifts to liquidity providers. I told you few months ago that SnowSwap is destined for greatness .2058bc0bee4fc8adc2302de4e6e2a847a99b4512e1f3664a5442acf44cd99f7e.jpeg

When I started writing about SnowSwap, some said that is another copy of UniSwap. Now is my turn to say that SnowSwap is not for snowflakes, is a project created for strong characters. Dear SnowSwap... I've been with you since day one! I know I am not on the Naughty List!af453dfd778e982bfe555c4075234035d217430738a1d9a8573518fb696990ba.jpeg

And because it's December I have prepared an amazing set of memes, new and old, to keep the holiday spirit up! It makes sense to start with my first SnowSwap meme, the new iconic winter image. This one was the first meme posted on the SnowSwap's Telegram Meme channel and shared on Twitter by SnowSwap. A true work of art and a replacement for the iconic Coca Cola truck.543665203e936f5bf41cf1a3e45958e8b5d3736d1807906f369b46e3268e4216.jpeg

SnowSwap interface is so user friendly, therefore is never to early to teach your children to provide liquidity or to stake some Snow.34739c1a88a2d0c23814b52a61ac6f4233db2d66ceeb194cb337903ec78448ed.jpeg

Once the $Snow is deposited in Frosty's Pool, it's start earning. Let it snow! Let it snow! Make Frosty's Pool grow!feb89611eb8148c5ff4bcb9519afe6b56b452d7a077ed27a12568602b2d356e8.jpeg

The APY for staking and liquidity providers are so high that after you stake them... you are in for a blizzard of rewards!ec9a7bab7d197ddea458f7b80df404186b0b23b11cf5f7f2434727dc54a80249.jpeg

The expectations are high... but SnowSwap doesn't fail to deliver. Put your winter clothes on and start your winter adventure.a1b0bc445e4a517c03715e47c10f41e56d3f98c81b42ac091d24deadf20ebe6b.jpeg

SnowSwap offers a top range of reindeer pools, where users can use Snow, Ethereum or ycrvSnow, Wrapped Bitcoin to earn more Snow.0867ac8ded6b9bba2f51236f85c32e6063940cb98e019410c9737fafb1bdd278.jpeg

Until today... you knew nothing about John SnowSwap. But now you are ready to face the White Walkers.09f9a1f99a6b5771f971bea54d8264b491f156c3a3167389d8d0131e33ca6b85.jpeg

You may be worried by the recent cyber attacks, but nothing to worry here as SnowSwap is more secure than Winterfell275fdb3a6997e037e45fbb41d0baa40cfb93bd5ef00ffbb3741a4929ff488c95.jpeg


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