Sarcasm Saturday #36 - Points, Hustle And Rude Crypto

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 25 Jun 2024

Holiday over and nothing planned until … probably next year! A wondaful week in Egypt came with compromises, as my “Feel At Home” phone perk didn’t worked in there.

I was with no real internet for seven days and probably you didn’t noticed. I kept my online activity to minimal, making sure I don’t lose my streak for things like xPortal or Layer3. The internet was as good as the handyman's skills to hide their crack! 


I had internet at the hotel… the worst internet ever! It worked only close to the lobby and slow AF! To add more struggle on top of this, my return flight was at night! It had three hours delay on top! IRL travel is not as fast as exploring the Metaverse!

I done my “to do list” at the lobby while waiting for the airport transport. It's starts with overthinking, then calculating how much I'd have if I invested few years ago. What if I didn’t sold 6.7 BTC for £500? It always ends up with FOMO and crying. Sometimes involves aping into shitcoins but that's what we all do!


I struggled a week in Egypt due to bad connection, as PVM was a reputation to maintain. If you watched Game Of Thrones.. you know that the night is dark and full of terrors! On top of that… the Cryptoverse can be a realm of nightmares when all the bad things happen!

Sometimes is good to have a positive image, and think highly about yourself! However, life is about perspective! You might think you're a lion but to some people you're still a dick! 


Well... let's chat about $DICK as well because this is not the average memecoin! As expected... $DICK grows genuinely and has utility! Not that utility ... you perv! DickbrAIn launched the game of the year, where you can slap Sam Bankman for the evil he done to the Cryptoverse. Earn points, raise above the competitions and win $DICK! 

You can earn $DICK for interacting on twitter, meme competitions and being active in the dickbrAIn discord! What are you waiting degen? Are you ready for the strongest fantasy football tournament ever hosted in the dickbrAIn discord? Are you ready for the EURO 2024? Which country will slap hardest? Who will go the distance and stay strong until the end?

You need to be in the dickbrAIn discord to participate, as the league's link is available only for members. The initial prize pool is set at 20,000 $DICK but will go bigger if the participation is ... massive. Show us that you are rock hard and can penetrate the top of the leaderboard. We have lots of $DICK for the strong ones! 


Last day was hell! Transport was late and I was worried I will miss the flight. But that wasn’t an issue as the flight had three hours delay. Wanted to get those 15 minutes of free internet but the text code never arrived! Holidays in Europe are much easier, as I can use my mobile data! 

How's your life? What kind of life you're living right there? When the time comes are you able to make the difference between Hell and Heaven? Waiting for boarding was hell! Can you imagine how slow three hours go when your children are asking what are we waiting... every 30 seconds? 


I am used with unexpected issues but this was crazy! The Burger King in the airport was out of chips! The constant hustle made me think that one day my brain will implode and I will go loco!

How you coping with mental health? Sometimes I'm worried about my mental health but sometimes I play the cloud game on purpose! Have you seen that cloud that looked like a crocodile with a gun? Sometimes I just cook to relax! 


This is rude AF... but I used the Plutus Card for a meal deal! You are invited for dinner! Chef PVM is cooking Aberdeen Angus stake, accompanied with a glass of Feteasca from my home country! We will finish the evening with GU brownies! LFG!

I paid £14.49 at Asda and by perk automatically triggered, receiving £10 cashback from this purchase! The difference left from the receipt received the standard 3% cashback, and 0.04 $PLU was added to this transaction. Bought all the ingredients needed for a romantic dinner, and received 3 $PLU as cashback. The value in fiat when writing this was £10.14, which means I paid only £4.35 for food, drink and dessert.


One of my nightmares is the day that has only 24 hours. Can't physically finish my tasks in such a short time. That five hours flight was a nightmare as well!

I got stuck on a small chair with another chunky lad. I am trying to be active but I don't have the time for it on a daily basis. Don't give me that BS from personal trainers, that we lose so much time complaining about lack of time instead of doing something, because you have no clue how's my life.

I am too busy with my web3 hustle! I will make it! WAGMI bros! We all gonna make it! Look at me... after all the years of hustle and hard work I could afford this coffee!


Landed close to 6AM and a four hours drive followed! The night is for vampires or crypto bros! Are you doing transactions at night for cheaper gwei? That's what I usually do! 

Always DYOR and be careful what you approve on your wallet! Also… always be careful who you let in, no matter if it is your house, life, soul or even email or wallet! Keep your seed phrase safe and don’t fall for scams!


Mode screw us all! The Season 2 will have different dynamics, as the 2 points mechanisms have been built to reward users that contribute to network growth. Boring! 

It's all about numbers and volume, with all users getting 70.5 points per ETH or dollar equivalent indexed token per week. Users can see which tokens are indexed on their Mode dashboard.  Interacting with DEXs and Lending Protocols will generate between 2x and 5x Mode Points.   Mode points farming looks like a floppy D! 


Arrived home near mid-day… and jumped on Splinterlands to complete the weekly battle challenge! Done that quickly then hustled on P0x with my crypto bros! TBH was a good week even with that limited internet. What play2earn games you’re currently playing? 

I celebrated six years of Splinterlands, one a Rebellion pack on Twitter and took part in the biggest tournament ever. I was weak but it was fun! How are you relaxing? 


You should check Rivo! The DeFi platform combines a multichain smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace, providing easy access to earning with DeFi in just one click. The smart contract multichain wallet empowers users to manage their crypto and NFT portfolios, invest in, and exit DeFi strategies in one space.

A total of 10% of  the Rivo total token supply is allocated for community incentives! There is no cap for the total number of points and the participants can earn tokens without limits! Yes crypto bro... infinite points ... and them will increase your share of the total allocated token pool! I already like Rivo so much!


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

PVMihalache The Author - My Amazon Books

GrillApp - New Write2Earn Dapp

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