Saga Genesis Loyalty And Eligibility Criteria

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 21 Feb 2024

There are so many airdrops announced for 2024 that I have goosebumps! Recently Saga announced the eligibility for their token airdrop, one that will reward loyalty and the and on-chain activity across several blockchains. 

Saga is a protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure. WELCOME TO THE UNBLOCK!


Saga kickstarted the 2024 crypto airdrop season with an announcement of the airdrop criteria for innovators, builders and gamers. More eligibility criteria were shared recently, and the snapshots have been taken. In addition to the underlying utility of staking to secure the Saga Mainnet and paying for Chainlets, the $SAGA token represents membership into a community with a shared set of values.

The genesis drop is targeting loyal stakers and users of tech partners: Celestia, Polygon and Avalanche.  Saga is a platform solution that automates the launching of dedicated blockspace, such as Cosmos appchains, Celestia Rollups, Polygon CDK chains and Avalanche Subnets. As a sign of appreciation to those projects who believed in the Saga technology and mission, certain members of the Celestia, Polygon and Avalanche communities will be receiving an airdrop of genesis $SAGA tokens.

Goosebumps while reading this as I had a decent activity on all those chains. Every eligible participant in each community will be categorized into small, medium and large airdrops depending on certain criteria. Each tier receives 5x the airdrop of the last tier, therefore a medium drop will be 5x the amount of the small airdrop. 

Over 100,000 ATOM wallets that staked more than 25 $ATOM are eligible for the $SAGA airdrop. Then comes Celestia stakers, as 27,000 wallets that staked more than 23 $TIA were added on the list. There is a loyalty bonus for those who increased their stake from 11/07/2023 to 12/01/2023.

Sounds good as I staked 100 $TIA, than claimed 1.04 and compounded the rewards. I checked the criteria and 100 tokens are the equivalent of a large airdrop, which will be 25x the value of a small drop. Also there's a loyalty bonus that will be calculated based on the amount of $TIA added after the initial stake.


There are over 26,000 wallets from the Polygon community that will receive $SAGA, those that had 300 $MATIC staked on  the 20th of October 2023. I had $MATIC staked on Polygon Foundation since 2022, and hoping for another slice of $SAGA tokens. 

Another 26,000 wallets where whitelisted from the Avalanche community. The genesis details are saying that the wallets that staked $AVAX on the 20th of April and 20th of October are eligible for the $SAGA airdrop. Not clear if the eligibility is for those days only or in-between those date.

There is also a loyalty bonus for those whose staking duration is greater than 150 days, and maybe I am eligible as well. I am staking 22.5 AVAX on YieldYak since 2022 and if the vault counts... I missed the criteria marginally. The amount required to qualify for a small airdrop was set between 25 and 44 AVAX. 

SaGA designed the airdrop eligibility criteria so every $SAGA holder can be confident that they are amongst the strongest diamond hands. Every eligible airdrop recipient will need to manually claim in our claims page, which will go live soon. It looks that 2024 will be the year of airdrops!


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