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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 18 Jun 2024

Make Smarter Investment Decisions With Rivo!

I recently discovered Rivo, as an easy way to access top DeFi products! It comes with a slick dashboard, unique content, filter, and tagging systems to provide a deeper perspective on each listed DeFi strategy. Rivo is your ultimate spot for investments with the best risk-reward ratio and educational tutorials boosting your financial prosperity.

But what is Rivo? The DeFi platform combines a multichain smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace, providing easy access to earning with DeFi in just one click. The smart contract multichain wallet empowers users to manage their crypto and NFT portfolios, invest in, and exit DeFi strategies in one space.

This combination helps the users to seamlessly set up a wallet, swap across multiple chains, invest in high performance DeFi strategies, and pay for gas with any token you have on your balance. Also... they will launch the $RIVO tokens sooooooon!


The platform offers a comprehensive selection of investment strategies aggregated from several reliable protocols, including Pendle Finance, Yearn, Silo, GMX, Velodrome, and several others. This ensures a high degree of transparency and informed decision-making for investors

Each strategy comes with key metrics such as annual percentage yield (APY), strategy token price, and total value locked (TVL). These information sets are updated automatically and regularly, allowing investors to utilize a data-driven approach for analyzing and comparing various investment strategies.

Rivo has an built-in smart wallet powered by Account Abstraction technology!  It is based on ERC-4337 smart contract standard, and provides seedless creation and login with socials. Crypto newbies can set-up an wallet with Google or a social media account. There's no need for a seed phrase.

Everything is simplified, as you can pay gas with any token ERC20 and save up thanks to batch transactions. It's extra secure and provides the ultimate protection with auto lock timer, 2FA, and multi-signature. It is designed to simplify the DeFi experience and make it more accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.


I discovered Rivo randomly, after YieldYak announced that those that staked in the AVAX Benqi Pool are eligible to claim Rivo points. This is how my research started, as I wanted to know more about it! Also, wanted to see what I can do with those points!

The first interesting thing I discovered is that Rivo supports a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche. As a project that aims for total decentralization, will use the $RIVO tokens as the tool to deliver this goal. Active community members and Rivo users can earn points and get a slice of the 10% allocation from total token supply.

The early stage of the Rivo points program will also included the launch of a temporary Early points campaign. The campaign was intended as a welcome reward for the users of partner projects, and those that interacted with those smart contracts in the last 12 months were eligible. I was one of those 3,144 users that claimed points, and got 500 Rive points for staking AVAX on YieldYak! 


Yield Yak offers one-click leveraged farming strategies for borrowing and lending markets like Aave, Benqi, DeltaPrime and many others. These strategies optimise your single-asset deposits, automatically compound your returns, and save you time. The optimizer is in charge of maximizing the annual percentage of rewards that users can get when farming or staking your cryptocurrencies on other platforms. 

The code is open-source, allowing a better framework for community members to contribute and accelerate progress. This shows that Yield Yak is not only the most popular and most used optimizer on Avalanche, but also a community-focused project. 


Complete Tasks - Earn Points!

A total of 10% of total token supply is allocated for community incentives! There is no cap for the total number of points and the participants can earn tokens without limits! Yes crypto bro... infinite points ... and them will increase your share of the total allocated token pool! I already like Rivo so much!

Current options for earning points can be found on the Rivo points page as regular tasks, bonus tasks and affiliate campaign. Regular tasks can be executed without bounds, they will not expire and will be valid for the entire program.

This is the easy way to earn points, just invest in any strategy on Rivo to get 1 point for every 1$ of investment. Swapping works as well, adding 0.1 points for every $1 in the value of your swap. The points are credited on a daily basis! 

Bonus tasks are completed once and may have a time limit or deadlines. After completing the task, you will be credited with the specified amount of points. However, the Affiliate campaign is the one that will keep adding perpetually! Receive additional points by inviting users through your referral link, and you will get an additional 8% of all points earned by them. 

And so my hustle begin! It's game on with Rivo, and I want to upgrade my share of the allocation by exploring some investment strategies. It worked well so far and my points tally went up to 1700! 


The Rivo Zealy Sprint can be accessed from the Rivo Points Dashboard. The Points Program designed to reward users who contribute to the success of the Rivo ecosystem and believe in the future of DeFi technology.

You can earn Zealy XP by completing simple tasks and providing social media engagement. This XP will be converted into Rivo Points after the campaign will end. These points can be converted into $RIVO tokens in Q4 or 2024 or Q1 of 2025. 

I earned 2400 XP so far, even if I started later than the other competitors! My aim is to get from the 20th place into the top ten!


Read my thread about RIVO and decide if the point chase is worth it. The "year of airdrops" was a mix of amazing launches and catastrophic snapshots, and is hard to say how the Rivo Points Program will unwrap. I am an explorer so I want to add more points to those I earned by default! 

Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / Crypto.com 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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GrillApp - New Write2Earn Dapp

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