Pegaxy - It's going to be Legendary!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Aug 2022

Feels like I started paying the game centuries ago but it's only 7 months, going from a gold mine to something that I stubbornly play while I hope for a rejuvenation. Everything happens at 10x the speed in the metaverse, and Pegaxy was no exception to the rule. I hoped that fusing was the solution to the downfall but not much improved since then!


I am one of the fortunate that managed to recover the initial investment but there are many friends out there that lost a lot after $VIS crashed. I stopped being optimistic and in one moment of clarity I sold most of my PGX. This transaction put my in a position where I even made a bit of profit.


Kept enough PGX for fusing and I embarked in a journey of simplification. While the game was still trending I kept breeding, but never sold any pega. Was a bad choice as the price dropped from $1000 to few bucks. The simplified version was to keep fusing my horses, from 30 to a much lower number. After the token value went down like a cartoon character on a banana skin, was more difficult to find scholars. 

I fused and I fused, reducing the number to only 12 pega. Having Epic with 6% win rate made me make an effort and fused my first ever LEGENDARY! 


I spend 30 PGX and 32,000 VIS to fuse PVMs Humble Tractors, as a link to my fast tractors NFTs on Polygon... Humble Tractors! It was a disappointing breed, with a zero win rate after 60 races. It has good Speed, good Strength, good Wind but still failed to finish 60 races in the top of the participants.


I went so ballistic after my Legendary pega had 60 race without being top 3 in any race, that my next fusing was named FuK Pegaxy Algorithms. I find it statistically impossible that a horse will not finish in the top positions in at least one of 60 races. The mood didn't changed much and the next fusing was named Sad Clown. Both Rare Klin struggled to win races, and 8.16% and 6.73% win rate was unacceptable.


I had to say goodbye to both and fused an epic horse, which I named PVMs Epic Horse due to lack of creativity. At least this one didn't started as disappointing as the others, wining his second race.


Only one pacer survived the purge, as ClubCats 40% winning rate was the highest from all lesser creatures. Why? Because 40% win rate is almost as good as a 20% win rate Rare Pega, and most of my ones are under this percentage. 


PVMs Humble Tractors improved a lot under the Nhelvin magic wand, going from zero win rate to 18.71%. Legendary is Legendary... and one win brings 870 $VIS, making the lower pega look like noobs.


I am getting tired and bored about the constant hustle that Pegaxy involves and  I feel this is one of the last articles about it. I will let the remaining ones to race for $VIS, and stack it up in piles until will either grow or worth nothing.


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