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NFT Breaking News #33 - Doctor Who Worlds Apart Time Lord Victorious Cards Evolution

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 17 Feb 2023

Doctor Who is one of the longest running TV series in the world with 57 years of existence. The Doctor's adventures started in 23rd of November 1963, then the pilot episode, An Unearthly Child, was aired on BBC. The episode introduced a mysterious pupil, Susan Foreman, and her grandfather, the Doctor. It was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the longest running science-fiction series in the world.

BBC entry into the Metaverse was a shock, as they announced the Doctor Who Worlds Apart trading cards game. All the characters from the Doctor Who universe will be immortalized in NFT trading cards, available for pre-purchase or trading. The NFT cards will be part of a PvP turned based PC game.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart is now available for desktop play, with limited cards, but great things are being built behind the scenes. The hot topic is the Time Lord Victorious cards evolution, as the legacy is being enhanced with new features and visuals. The snapshot is set for 21st of February, and every legacy Time Lord Victorious card in your collection will receive an equivalent FREE card. 


The game has a daily login reward system that awards 10 Pandaks daily. Users can invite friends to win 10% in Pandaks when the referral will purchase NFT packs. Pack can be paid using the token, with an exchange ratio at 100 Pandaks per $1. I used some of my Doctor Who Pandaks to buy two Core Frame Pack


The 998 Pandaks were deducted from my balance and I paid nothing for two Time Lord Victorious packs. Unwrapped the cards and I am now waiting for the snapshot to receive my free enhanced TLV cards.


My deck has 88 cards, but I still own a handful of sealed packs. I will probably open them and make a cool unwrapping video! Are you up for that?


Doctor Who Worlds Apart is available for desktop play, and you can try it for free. Every player receives 60 basic cards and can battle with/against Cyberman, Daleks or Silurians. Master the tactics, create new mechanics and conquer the world(s).


Cyberman equals AI dominance, as their goal is to convert everyone into emotionless soldiers. The cyber man rely on logic, overwhelm with numbers and low-cost cards.


The Daleks are  the most superior race in the Universe, if you believe what Daleks are saying. The deck focus is on brute strength, as high-cost cards will bring devastating results.


I like the Silurians more, as the battle tactic is to rule the board. It feels like the Control Rogue deck from Hearthstoene, with poisons and stuns. The reptilians will conquer the worlds? Or the tinman? Give the game a try and let me know what you think! 


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