NFT Breaking News #32 - Starting 2023 With Non-Fungible Education

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 2 Feb 2023

Happy New Year IRL! Happy New Year in the Metaverse! Let's start 2023 with Non-Fungible Education and a quick journey trough many chains and projects. There are many factors that drive the value of NFTs, such as utility, tangibility, rarity and even hype! 


NFT Tangibility is given by ties to the real-world, or real life usage. The holders will have unique perks for holding NFTs, such as tickets for events, shopping discounts or access to exclusive zones/areas. Tangibility can be explored in many ways, but at the moment is not implemented as it should.


The main power of NFTs is given by utility, as no one wants just a pretty picture. However, we seen all the 10k projects with zero utility blooming. The NFT utility is given by real application, in games, programs or even real estate. Play2Earn blockchain gaming explored the utility well, and the music industry started to implement NFT albums and records.


Rarity means value, and an NFT that is difficult to obtain will be more desirable than a common one. Low mints, gold foils, rare NFTs will drive the value up, while the artist or collection can also bring positive growth. The newest example sis Cristiano Ronaldo's collection, which added a mix of utility, rarity and tangibility in the football empire.


I wanted to do something meaningful and took into consideration all the above factors. I minted the Humble Tractors AI 4 Charity NFTs and added rarity, tangibility and utility. The collection had only 10 NFTs, tractors generated with artificial intelligence, and auctioned all to raise money for charity.


Minted the NFTs on Polygon, for lower fees and dedicated all the trade volume to the cause. I raised $230 USDC and used Across Protocol to move the USDC from Polygon to Layer-1, as the bridge is the fastest, cheaper and most secure way to move assets between blockchains. 

Water Wells for Africa and Save the Children were the two charities for this crypto event, and used The Giving Block to complete the transfers. Read the full article: SuperUMAns #41 - Humble Tractors donated to Save the Children and Water Wells for Africa


Some collections are giving more than just art, some collections are bounding a community. This is what I am trying to do with the Humble Tractors, by giving the holders access to games, tournaments, airdrops and a wide range of crypto knowledge. Just added the landmark tractor on Pokemon Go, as a way to enhance the #ProofOfTractor experience. 


Other NFTs are like badges, showing achievements or minting events on the blockchain. My PoolTogether Galxe NFT was available to claim after I deposited USDC on Optimism.  PoolTogether is the crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds that helps users to save money. Additionally, all the participants have chances to win prizes every day, and the odds are getting higher if the LP is higher.


Troc Proc Lock launched his own collection on WAX, and each pack contains 3 letters from the English Alphabet. The letters are used for some cool blends and the collection has a good synergy. The packs can be bought from NeftyBlocks for either 2 WAX each or 10 NEFTY.


Believe me I already have over 30 Blends either ready to go or almost ready to go. I am always on the lookout for other things to make new logos of so I am always open to suggestions.

Opened a bunch of packs and went to the blend page to see if I can create something new,  and I was one letter away to make BAT, FTM or DAI. It's time for more unwrapping! 


I got my 1st NFT on the Hive Blockchain, without counting the Splinterlands cards. This NFT has utility, being included in a weekly distribution of HBD. I am eligible for the drop as long as I hold the NFT in my wallet, and it's nice to explore new chains.


I got my first distribution straight into the Hive wallet, adding 0.011 HBD in the bag. The coolest part of holding this NFT is that I won it on a raffle organized by Ben! 


Let's move on to Play2Earn NFTs, and one of the games that I thought will take the Metaverse by storm. Tribal Books had a great entry into the NFT world, with a treasure search style airdrop. It was a lot of hype and I was fortunate to receive a good amount of cards. However, the game launch was delayed and delayed, and the hype is gone. I staked the cards I had and claimed mana until I had enough to claim a hero pack. 


Unwrapping the pack will reveal an exclusive Hero NFT, one of the six ancient tribes. It is said that they will be very helpful in the game, but still no updates regarding the game launch. I got Mateo the Conqueror of Waves in the pack, and let him die of boredom in my wallet. When launch Tribal Books? When launch?


GYSR celebrated two years on the 10th of January 2023, and created some top POAPs for those that used $GYSR to boost their farming. I wasn't eligible for this drop but I could claim the GYSR Silver User POAP, available for early users. I am one of the four people holding this NFT.


Do you remember Cryptopanties by Rave Review? The fashion collection on Solana will become even more limited, as the creators decided to not re-open the minting. I have two panties, and probably they will remain my only NFTs on the Solana chain.


CryptomonKeys are one of my favorite collections, and the NFTs are more then special. I like the ones you get for special events, as they are limited editions. Got my Sow & Steady, Full Tilt monKey and maKeymaKey for the events I participated, adding an extra dose of potassium to my collection.


While shuffling on Binance I discovered that I didn't opened my Binance KYC Mystery Box. I got this one for completing my KYC, with the whole controversy around it, as users were forced to do it to maintain farming eligibility. 


I found a monitor in the Binance KYC Mystery Box, and not any monitor but the Moonitor #1! Is this a monitor that will go to the moon? Is it part of a valuable collection? Don't think so and I was too lazy to research! 


Once upon a time, Pancake Swap was bullish. This was before Binance launched their market place, and when the Pancake Bunnies where cool! Got three of them from events, and the Bullish Bunny had the lowest price at 0.319 BNB. This was in the good old days, when BNB was riding on high horses at $500 per coin.


The value and coolness dropped at the same accelerate rate as the crypto market, and the value of the NFTs is just fractions of what it was. It's funny how hype pumps things and then leave them to drop into the abyss. 


I am looking forward for the Doctor Who Worlds Apart game to become available for desktop.. I am buzzing in the wait of the game and I am stacking packs. Meanwhile, I got "The Edge of Reality" pack for free. Used the daily rewards to pay the $19.99 value, adding another pack to my collection. You can get free Doctor Who Worlds Apart by logging every day and claim the rewards.


Residual Income:

Join OKX 

Join Biswap

Join Binance

Join Upland 


Join Splinterlands!

Hive Blogging - LeoFinance, Peakd, etc

PVMihalache Amazon Books

CakeDeFi $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0x,   readcashLBRY & Presearch


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