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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 5 Apr 2023

Truts is one of the freshest projects in the Cryptoverse. The vision is to create an interactive platform for communities in web3, where users are invited to discover, contribute and earn. I wrote about the Truts project before, and the article found his way to the front page of Publish0x!

Few weeks later and Truts was over 2500 listed communities, and 1200 onboarded contributors. Join, review and earn with the top web3 communities!


Truts will help the users to find the best communities, and earn from the engagement. The Missions were added to discover and contribute in web3, and accumulate XP points. 

The community tab allows users to sort by rating, categories, network chains, followers and many more. Join your favorite crypto projects and help them reach an organic rating through genuine reviews.


The Truts reward system adds a set amount of XP for each completed mission, with easy tasks such as joining a social media channel or writing a review. Each completed mission will help both Truts and the user evolve, by creating synergy between reviews and earning XP. 


The XP points are a gateway to exciting rewards on the platform. I left reviews and completed the missions that involved the projects I got involved with, knowing that my feedback will help create a reliable database for Web3 users. Took me a while to reach level 5, but it's good to share my experience while stacking XP for future rewards.


The Truts Referral Program will boost the XP points, improving the multiplier. Every referred friend receives 500 XP when signing up, and the referrer will increase the XP multiplier after the 5th friend invited.


Leaderboards are the newest addition to the platform, and the top users and communities are there to be checked. Humbled but proud to be to top user, with 25,500 XP points.

The community leaderboard will show the projects with the most reviews, and Sui Bears has a good lead in front of Final Stardust and Truts! Are you there to review your favorite communities? 


I had the pleasure to help out with the Truts Poker Night #1 POKER TOURNAMENT and sponsor the event with Humble Tractors NFTs! Stay tuned on the Truts Discord for updates and more events! 

I always play at full strength, as poker tournaments are awaking a beast. Maybe sometimes I think I still am as good as I was 10-15 years ago, when I was playing poker almost every night.

Online games are taking the poker face and bluff tactics out of the experience. You can't play with people's mind and you can't fake a bad hand. I tried to claim the pot nice and early and end up losing with a weak straight. Was impossible to win with 4 diamonds on the felt.


I must admit PennyPanda did a perfect game, and took an early lead as chip leader. In the end, I had to go all-in with JA and hope for a straight. The gods of random ignored me and was out of the tournament.


I finished third and then watched PennyPanda taking care of raviz. Was a competitive game and the top 6 players displayed good skills and tactics. Join the Truts Discord check Truts missions if you are interested in the Web3 ecosystem.


I am happy to welcome PennyPanda into the select clan of Humble Tractors owners. The #ProofOfTractor mission is far from achieved, as the project keeps evolving and helping those in need.


Raviz finished runner-up, and he received one Humble Tractors Hey! NFT. More events to come, and more surprises for Truts users and community members! Dive into the social media channels and stay updated: Truts.xyz  /  Truts DiscordTruts TwitterTruts LinkedIn


Don't worry if you missed the tournament, as Truts Poker Night #2 is planned for the 14th of April! The tournament will kick of at 6 PM UTC and you are invited!  Join us on Discord and get your poker face ready! 


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