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Index Governance and Updates - Ready for DeFi summer

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 25 Jul 2021

Index Coop is the project where I am active in voting and governance. I made a habit to bring my contribution even if my share is huge. One of the things I appreciate with the #IndexOwl is the high level of snapshots. Every decision that is linked to development will require community voting. Index Coop is getting ready for the DeFi summer, and the hard work will be visible when the market correction will stop. 


IIP-48: MVI Growth Budget - The MVI success had to be followed by marketing campaign and ways to penetrate the NFT gaming sector customer pool. MVI will be used as the link between DeFi and the Metaverse, education people about DeFi, NFTs and indices.

The NFT gaming sector is expanding and new users are joining the Cryptoverse in the search of Play2Earn opportunities. Other investors will look into trending tokens, without knowing the advantages of holding MVI. 


IIP-49: DPI MetaGoverance Vote Delegation to Multisig - This proposal was created to delegate DPI voting power for Compound (COMP), AAVE and UNI from the INDEX multisig to a new 2/3 multisig controlled by three top community members. No other changes to the meta governance were voted in this snapshot. The change will reduce the time spent per vote and will create a system that leads toward decentralization.


IIP-50: Upgrade FLI to Support Multiple Exchanges - This proposal was required for the ETH2x-FLI and BTC2x-FLI update to support levering and de-levering using multiple exchanges. The FlexibleLeverageStrategyAdapter was executing trades only on Sushiswap and the upgrade will enable Uniswap V3 and Sushiswap. The rebalancing trades must scale to match he FLI products are evolution. Uniswap V3 will increase the trade size by up to six times.



[COMPOUND-50] Close Deprecated Markets, Gas Savings and Comptroller implementation contract update - This proposal patch was developed by Compound Labs to update the Comptroller and the voting was done using DPI.



Proposal [AAVE-23] Adding AMPL on AAVE and Proposal [AAVE-24] Add PAX to Aave V2 were part of the AAVE upgrades, with 96,250 INDEX votes required to reach Quorum


The Decision Gate 1: IIP-58 Launching PAY (Pulse Aggregate Yield) is the first of two votes required for PAY to be onboarded to the Index Coop. The snapshot is still pending and will go live on the 26th of July. The passing vote will signal the intent to further feasibility research.

With the constant upgrades and the in-depth research to create products matching the current DeFi trends, Index Coop is the best choice for both crypto veterans and for those joining the Cryptoverse as cadets. The success can be measurable in value and at the moment Index Coop has $177,308,383.00 diversified in crypto index products, with a growing trend and new investors joining the Coop every day.



The Index Coop Library:

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Residual Income:

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