Harvest Finance - One month of honest work on Binance Smart Chain

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 17 Jun 2021

At the end of May I moved 3 assets on the Binance Smart Chain side of the farm. This decision was hard but "Ethereum", Chad's old horse, started to eat more and work less. All respect for the old companion but his time to drag the plough is gone!


"Smart-Chain" was the name of the young horse, a strong and powerful colt. This new horse was so good that the farming and harvesting suddenly become cost effective. I was also happy with the way "Smart-Chain" works as the combined fees to stake CAKE, Venus (XVS) and Binance USD were under 2 USD. I was even happier when I seen the farming rate and how the honest work was the opposite of "not much". The BSC pools are given double reward, in both bFARM and the staked token. The APY is higher on the Smart-Pool side of the farm, and earning Venus (XVS), Binance USD (BUSD) and CAKE, along with bFARM, makes the honest work even better than it was!


The CAKE field had big rewards

When I seen the 194.80% APY on Harvest Finance I instantly unstaked all from Pancake Swap and move it all on Harvest Finance.


The staking process was automated and after few click I had 391 CAKE staked in the pool. Came back after a month, when the Cub Finance Kingdoms were launched, to unstake and move the CAKE again.  I had my Wellington boots on and the straw hat on my head but I wasn't ready to find such a lush harvest. Over 54 CAKE were added in the pot and nearly one bFARM, and a quick estimate will round-up to $1200 profit in just a month. With rewards like this ...  I think I will need a bigger barn!


The BUSD field created a stable harvest

As a farmer, you want to make sure you will survive the harsh winter. A full truck of  BUSD was added in the fertile BSC fields, where the APY was  as high as 51.17% in BUSD and bFARM. The automated staking process required few clicks and confirmation, and the BUSD were quickly transformation into bfBUSD and staked.

I added 2113 BUSD in the pool and kept for a month and 2 extra days. I didn't planned to unstake the BUSD but Automata (ATA) was added to Binance Launchpool. I unstaked everything and added them in the Launchpool to power-farm ATA. The reward in this pool was very good, as the usual APY for stablecoin staking is under 10%.  When I withdrew the funds, I received 2141 BUSD and 0.25 bFARM. The farming reward after 33 days was approximately $50 worth of crypto.


Now that the Launchpool farming rate with BUSD was reduced, I sent them back to the Metamask wallet and added them in the Harvest pool for another round of happy farming! This time the stash was reduced, as I sent $400 to Celsius to activate a bonus code that will reward $50 worth of Bitcoin (BTC).


The Venus (XVS) field is still growing!

When I added Venus (XVS) into the pool, the combined APY was 126.27%, a real treat compared to the 9% I was previously earned.  I initially staked 7..33 XVS and added 2.8 Venus tokens later on. The new addition was bought at a decent price and the target of 10 XVS was reached in order to receive the Venus limited edition and the Venus Reward Token (VRT) airdrop.


The Venus staking is the only one that was not unstaked since the initial deposit at the end of May. In 40 days, the Venus stash generated a small amount of bFARM and 0.16 Venus (VXS) which is valued at $5. 


My Barn is ready for the winter!

The barn is full of goodies and the APY and auto-compound adds value to my assets. I staked 61 DAI, 38 FARM, 10 Venus (XVS), 1800 BUSD and I have 1.6 iFARM.


Harvest Finance Updates!

Week 42 added BumperCrop to Harvest Finance. It was hard work for the farmers but now the seeds are planted into fertile $FARMs. The DeFi fruits of the $UNI fields are growing and pumping!

This may upset few DeFi giants, but Harvest Finance was the first yield aggregator to deploy strategies on $UNI version 3.

Residual Income:

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DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch


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