Harvest Finance, Creativity and #BreadForThePeople

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 20 Sep 2020

Harvest automatically farms the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols and FARM is a cashflow token for Harvest, one of the largest autonomous hedge funds.

One of the best projects I seen lately is Harvest Finance (FARM). My first impression was that $FARM is another dodgy DeFi token, like YAM, PASTA, Sushi or YfDex but reading more made me realise that the FARM developers had their chance to exit on the 2nd of September when the All-Time High reached $5078. They didn't even if the price went downhill from then.


FARM has still potential to grow. The total supply of FARM is capped at 5 million tokens and 70% of the tokens are into liquidity providers. The team kept 20% as a reward and the remaining 10% was rewarded to operational treasury.0ffd1c82a661035f5dec7a79267528f2baa94dc07021037902f66a8cd91b1d36.jpeg

Thanks to the harvest process, users can automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols and the $FARM holders can vote on proposals for the FARM operational treasury and receive the 5% fee from Harvest operations. e8245e00835d7375e76ad357757c1354e6291e927957fb7d65132f5ee51750d2.jpeg

On the Harvest.Finance page there are plenty of mixed liquidity pools where honest money can be made, earning  various tokens plus $Farm at 30%-60% annual APY. Everyone can earn a decent amount of money and bring the bacon home #BreadForThePeople


Staking FARM, Uni Token, DAI, Tether and many more will reward FARM making hard work easier. The Harvest "it ain't much but it's honest work 🚜" 


I currently own 3 FARM which I staked on the new auto-compounding pool, where the APY hoovers around 100%.


I seen farm reaching $300 and dropping close to $60 but I like the concept, the project, and above all the wonderful community. You can say whatever you want, but I am a farmer now!


In the last couple of weeks I got drawn into this NFT whirlpool, and created my first one. You may be surprised or not, put I choose the Harvest.Finance green tractor as the topic. And like this... I lost my NFT virginity by doing the Harvest Finance Tractor. The corn field has seen a lot of love anyway. Dark humor kicking in, inner voice telling me not to write the joke, but neah... farmers are rude 


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