Giving the PVM trial by combat to Litebringer

Giving the PVM trial by combat to Litebringer

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 10 Nov 2020

I played Litebringer for a month, and now is time to leave my heroes behind. I was instantly hooked up by the game after seeing the launch trailer. It reminded me a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic. I don't even know what version is now live for the game but my childhood was full of day and nights of Heroes 2 and Heroes 3 campaigns or multiplayer hot-seats on my Pentium 3. Litebringer +1 Leadership after viewing the video.

When LiteBringer was launched, I hit the website and downloaded the game. The download was quite quick so Litebringer gets a +1 attack. The name takes me back to Uther the Lightbringer, the Warcraft II campaign and another set of memories. This game smells like childhood. Litebringer gets +1 attack. 

While waiting for the download to finish I spent some time reading the game description, which by the way, is totally free! Litebringer gets +1 Wisdom. The game is build on the Litecoin block-chain as a truly decentralized application and no servers involved.This will give the players an never seen control over the game. Players can make money as every item,  resources and even the heroes can be traded without limits. Wow ...  +1 Attack and + 1 Wisdom.


So before I even started to play I already gave the game 3 Attack, 2 Wisdom and 1 Leadership. Spoiler alert ... enough skills to have what to deduct. If the download was quick, and the install was decent, the log in experience was horrendous , so bad that I erased both Wisdom points. Took 6 hours to download and sync the block-chain to set up my account. Every single log in was taking more than an hour. Recently the game had few updates and the time was reduced to approximately 10-20 minutes. A waiting time that doesn't make any give any enhanced experience to users. I award myself +1 Magic Resistance for my patience. 0d278ecd73dfa459b73c0d67683fed32bed40a887b36a7ebd8da23af0a13ae6e.png

When I created my account I had to save the game key on the computer as this is the only possibility to recover the account. If you start playing, make sure you save the key as is absolutely no other way to recover. A bit confused about this one, not sure if it deserves a point given or a point taken. I end up giving +1 Defense as money is involved and extra security is paramount.

To create a character simply press the button and chose your class ( fighter, rogue or a sorcerer) with 3 subclass and the gender. Once created you can start questing, looting and leveling. Depending on the quest, you can choose the best gear for the task. I created 5 heroes, to cover all the classes and some sub-class and gender variations. Litebringer +1 Attack for the user friendly interface087d6cd42946efea3d549ee0b79fc8b34365bfd1ee3d6e6e2500fdd81af9cc73.pngGoing back to questing, as it was supposed to work smooth and send a hero questing, than the next one, and so on. In reality most of the times the interface was frozen after the first hero sent questing. Litebringer say bye-bye to your Leadership point and I receive +1 Defense. After you get new items, you will find them in the Inventory tab. Drag and drop to equip. To make the hero stronger, the gear can be upgraded with Elemental Stones of the same element. Farming Elemental Stones to upgrade is so repetitive and boring. Litebringer gets -1 Attack and I get +1 Defense for my extreme patience.

Every monster and  quest has an element, which makes it strong to an element, and weak to another. The gear will give bonus or penalty against the monster. Increasing the hero power allow the user to complete more difficult quests. To increase the hero power,  users must evolve the hero or upgrade  the gear. The number of quests rewarding gear is limited and farming elements is so repetitive. I just deducted another Attack point.7085febba49ba1ddf14e06095cfb2697efdd296239f1544845701430f54a2dcb.pngReaching level 30 will  give the option to choose an advanced class that  has additional unique skills and can equip a special offhand item. Additionally, every advanced class gets a set of secondary attributes granting a higher bonus and power. Because the login was taking hours, the quest tab was getting frozen and the whole farm-upgrade cycle, I never had the honour to reach level 30. We are already in day 15 or 16 and I am already pissed off with the game. All my gear on the main character was upgraded to blue and I am so tiered of farming Elemental Stones. I am stuck to the same amount of quests and I already decided on the outcome of the Trial by Combat. Litebringer gets deducted all the points.923898089503777025b0aabc78bb2aaa6dc1185dc198ec0377b1d27df3c6f08c.png

I added all the resources, all extra gear and the heroes on the market, to make money and to withdraw for the effort. Another disappointing conclusion as only the stash of resources was sold. I am not taking anything off the market as the transaction will cost me lites, and I already paid to add them on the market. Day 25 and I award myself +999 Defense points for an utterly absurd patience.3e560216c569caf6ec63e14a8a1df323813e4df9b97290b74ed1bc195569ff05.png

Day 30 .... Withdraw all ... any ideas how much Litecoin means 20.88545 lites? Its 0.02088 LTC and $1.27, a poor reward for playing one month. 14a27271e5370bc6a1fb398ae29c0850912c347a8d8da74297978f324a1fcbb2.jpeg

After the negative image I created to Litebringer, I find it very funny but I will still gonna do it.  If any of my friends wants to start playing this game, I will donate my account (with the key) and all heroes and gear on the market so with the potential to find a stash of lites when you log in. I took 2 heroes from the market so dear friend, you can start questing and farming those stupid Elemental Stones instantly.


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