Giving OKEx the PVM trial by combat

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 17 Oct 2020

I seen the OKEx giveaway last week and I ignore it. I seen today the news that all withdrawals are halted following an investigation. This if due to one of the company officials being arrested. Because is in my nature to be rebellious and do the opposite of what normal people will do, I decided to give OKEx the trial by combat. This will include a crash course, giveaway details and a test of the platform.d7bf843a2c9b155c32e9215f34fd85c5992775a82343f9f3939e632cac9d6966.jpeg

OKEx is one of the most popular exchanges, with over $3 billion trading volume per day. The company is register in Malta, as a way to pay less taxes and is currently restricted in the following countries in the US, Cuba, North Korea among other countries.a6e89474918924d7ca42956026211f492355f2856165dadba24f4a2b63cd7612.jpeg

The giveaway for Publish members consists in a total of $500 Ethereum, shared to the first 50 people completing the criteria. The $10 worth of Ethereum will be distributed into their accounts in five days after the end date, which is today (17th of October). bfdb3a5ce96b07f986a9092a4807f7777aa42d5189bd2d8a8e391e14050f561c.jpeg

I clicked on the referral link and the page opened. I created an account using my mobile phone and added the code received by text. This took about 30 seconds. OKEx gets the first point of the trial. However, the "world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency" on the description voids the point gained for the quick account creation. That sentence can't be there when one of your officials was arrested.05e57af4d9baf6179c34ea5df06add7e531fb4e3fef2fa6e1d41069a0d0688c2.jpeg

I was recommended to install the app but when I tried, my phone didn't let me download it, and considered the app as dangerous. OKEx took a direct hit and is looking like I will be victorious in this trial. My shield blocked a dangerous sword wound. 7bf6d4917b2b6953e4188885826e494e734f4946a3255b2b93ee5a5bd17f1d37.jpeg

I selected an individual account and moved to the validation process. The KYC Stage One took 10 seconds and for KYC Stage Two I had to sent a photo of my passport and make a selfie. The message said that this can take up to an hour. Let's keep the shield and preserve the strength, as this can turn up to be an endurance battle.6552262b06eae6b7b720c83c0324a49f6707f2b6631b4799ccacebac880ede19.jpeg

I called my squire, asked for refreshments and let him polish my armour. 2577a2b707b6cadae17333b4f4ba1ae998fe1ebc50c2d5dfd8ed5fdba973413c.jpeg

I took a sip from my chalice and relaxed for about five minutes when the raven delivered this message from OKEx. I have passed the KYC Stage Two. Put the banner up squire, give me my sword and enjoy the duel. 951866fd4bb835f33a91fd71cfe171e9af1fcd4ed832d01dad766628a3418bcb.jpeg

The fight is again on even terms, after the extremely efficient KYC process. It's time for melee combat, and money deposit. I can deposit Chinese Yuan  (CNY) by bank transfer, Alipay or WeChat Pay. Hey! I live in the UK mate! Tried to make the bank transfer but I was told that this option is not valid for Romania. Hey mate! Told you already I live in the UK. The crowd is giving me a standing ovation and it looks I am the people's favourite. d371eeb578c66edb7c3fcffa7883f5178a2154049e250412107d0cc9d5cb05da.jpeg

While browsing through my account, I found this daily missions, which took 60 seconds each. I earned 400 satoshi but cannot find them anywhere in my balance. Maybe takes a while to be credited. OKEx is now disarmed and finds it difficult to parry my attacks.fbad7909f8a525c70c4eb246402104e9be4c4b3e3524155d9d70c73ab78633c6.jpeg

I tried the "Coup de grace" and made a transfer as the deposit failed. I decided to sent my Flamingo (FLM) which I earned through the Binance Launchpool. I consider them as collateral damage, in case they will get missing in action. From 64.65 Flamingo tokens, Binance kept 0.5 as transaction fee, which is one of the smallest fees I ever paid to transfer crypto. The transaction was confirmed by Binance in 5 minutes, and the tokens were gone from my spot wallet, but it took 3 hours for them to reach my OKEx wallet. Even if my death blow wasn't successful, I am the winner of this trial by combat. e8da5889fd599b0f5399f152121b17cdd24861fe8444e77509c77cb0ec64dd79.jpeg

Why I am not impressed? Firstly the airdrop will reward the first 50 new registered users but is no clear status on how many already registered or a proof to show your position on the list. Secondly, the app is considered dangerous by my phone and I had to move my work on the laptop to complete the validation, as it didn't worked on my mobile. 

Lastly, all the little things related with the deposit, the complicated interface and the long time before receiving my assets made me feel that this product doesn't deliver up to my standards. Maybe I am wrong and this conclusion was the result of not enough time on OKEx. Maybe when I will unlock the platform's full potential, I will be amazed by it. Anyway... I will keep you all updated.


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