Fueling Startups for Success - B Labs Helps You Investigate, Innovate And Accelerate

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 Nov 2023

Don’t you find it challenging to plough through dozens and dozens of project profiles, trying to discovering the hidden gems that make a difference? B Labs Research seeks for community support in the latest Gitcoin Grants Round! I simplified the task and brought to you one of the hottest project in the space! 

B Labs is a community driven research and Web3 first innovation hub providing opportunity to share, collaborate and build with peers. It is a place for people interested in developing innovative solutions, in particular addressing collaboration and coordination challenges. Hence their motto:

Investigate, Innovate, Accelerate: Fueling Startups for Success.


Why does B Labs Research apply for a Gitcoin Grant? Simple: outreach, community building and exposure. This will support the team in further identifying suitable collaborations between web2 and web3, streamlining processes and developing new offerings. In particular, the Gitcoin funds will be used for community building and outreach, data, tooling, but also education as well as public good output.

So on one hand the focus will be to grow community membership, create and optimize process, grow offerings and collaboration, the development and sharing of research content and datasets. On the other hand to develop onboarding and training materials for non-English language environments and by finding suitable models from incubation over support to delivery.

You can support B Labs by donating directly on Gitcoin, and help them create solutions for the constantly evolving Web3 Ecosystem. B Labs provides a platform for people to present, float, discuss, connect, work on and share ideas they are passionate about and would like to meet a group of like-minded people.


Examples of other aspects that can be addressed by the team: 

• Why is there so little community engagement?

• Unaware of obstacles which start creating blockers while busy building.

• Realising a web3 idea - inception, concept, white paper, necessary steps.

• (How) does the tokenomics model work?

• What is the right token distribution for a project amongst its stakeholders?

• What are the right incentives to attain the desired effect?

Current achievements:

  •  Development partner for Realms a free community governance tool to reward, incentivize and recognize community members
  •  Development partner for Front Door, a referral based Web3 recruiting platform
  •  Writing NFT smart contracts testing different networks/chains, platforms and tools
  •  Contributed to the Bankless Africa Stablecoin Journal
  •  45-page breakdown of the TribeDAO ecosystem, including an educational series
  •  80-page analysis report for Saddle Finance.
  •  A growing B Labs roster of vetted subject matter experts

Realms is a free Discord bot that gives you an easy, fun and fair way to manage your community. Get the tools you need to reward, motivate and recognize your community members by creating exclusive and independent realms that you govern. Test the bot in the Realms Discord

Front Door is like Uber for Recruitment! Whether you’re a “driver” who can refer candidates or a “customer” who’s looking for talent, the platform enables trustless coordination and effective value flow! The smart contracts execute and regulate the process, and the services are delivered effectively and without intermediaries

B Labs Research  is fully aligned with the Ethereum values of open-source, decentralization, composability, interoperability, collaboration, cooperation, co-creation and transparency. It supports early stage projects in focusing on their core goals and needs, helping them to develop and deliver on their business plan.

Stay in touch with all news and updates by following B Labs socials and official website.


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