February Crypto Income: Writing, Pancakes and the SafePal Love Gift

February Crypto Income: Writing, Pancakes and the SafePal Love Gift

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 3 Mar 2021

New writing competitions, new investments and new sources of income! February was a month of love and ... pancakes! My Harvest Finance article "CropSpotter - Put the $FARM in the Barn" was awarded the 2nd place and $60 worth of FARM and waiting for Upland writing competition prizes to be announced. Publish0x still feels like home and has the most enjoyable community!


I set my 2021 Crypto Goal and now I am working hard to earn $10,000 from crypto related activities in 12 months. At the start of January, when I set this target, everything was realistic and achievable. Only two months into 2021 and it looks like I will reach my target by April. The January income was $4168 and as usual, I was expecting a drop in rewards this month.


First time after April 2020 ... I was right! I didn't managed to match January's income and had $451.13 less than the previous month. However, can't really complain about it, as the SafePal Token airdrop came out of nowere.


1. SafePal Airdrop $803.98

Maybe I missed the Uniswap airdrop but the SafePal Token airdrop campaign was as good as it can be. SafePal is the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance Labs. It has advanced security features including EAL5+ secure element, air-gapped signing mechanism, self-destroy mechanism, and multiple layers of security. The cross-chain swap, Binance Spot Trading DApp, fiat on-ramp integration are few of the tools integrated to provide the best wallet for buying, swapping and trading  crypto assets. I was rewarded 373.895 from the airdrop which I used to farm CAKE. At the moment I hold them in my Binance wallet waiting for new opportunities!


2. Harvest Finance $965.26 (0.6 FARM Video Competition + 2.6 Stake Reward)

I started the month with 24.77 FARM tokens and I added 3.2 FARM in the pot. The reward from Publish0x is another nice addition that will make me bring more FARM in the Barn! The Pool APY dropped under 100% but is still adding a nice amount by auto-compounding without any intervention. My video guide about how to stake $FARM won a prize at the #FarmInfo Marketing Competition. The staking has become more accessible with the iFARM implementation.

3. Bityard  $650

Bityard was a great source of income, with a video competition on Twitter and many articles boosting the paycheck! I like Bityard and I specially like Michael, who's very approachable considering his position.

As the articles about Bityard started to grow, I decided to make a separate Bityard blog about my exploration of the platform. The post that won the Bityard Writing Competition was added here as well.


4. PancakeSwap $457.28

Pancake flippin' generates income! I had good return from LPs ($41.58) and farmed 15.60 CAKE ($190.45) from the SafePal Token LP and the CAKE pool. Power farming with CAKE generated 1.37 eGLD ($191.15) and $34.10 worth of Litentry. If another attractive pool will be added in March, I may move from farming Litentry (LIT) but until then, this is my farming choice.


5. ReadCash $258.59 ($186.26 read.cash + $72.33 noise.cash)

ReadCash has ups and downs but never fails to deliver. The unique selling point is Rusty, the reward bot, which tips all types of articles, not only the crypto related ones. The community and social interaction got upgraded since #Club1BCH started raising Bitcoin Cash awareness. Cannot compare myself with Marc de Mesel but I am doing my part in sharing what I am receiving!


I paid $19.45 as sponsorships and shared $61.15 as tips. Even if I am a high spender and a top sharer, I was able to withdraw $105.66 BCH in my Celsius wallet. Over 40% of my ReadCash income is shared with other content creators ... what's stopping you to earn some BCH?


You may seen articles about noise.cash and maybe you know it's just like Twitter but it pays! I accumulated $72.33 worth of Bitcoin Cash by making noise and sharing ideas, articles or food pictures. My evolution was quick, reaching x subscribers since December. The platform keeps evolving and just added re-noise, an option that allow users to re-post top content. 

6. Publish0x:  $179.18 (114.18$ earnings & $65 Discord)

I kept writing, researching and writing! Publish0x is the place where I feel at home and where I can enhance my knowledgy from reading other articles. Some of my articles were shared on Discord and got tipped by others. Open your mind, work hard and earn smart! 


7. Celsius Network  & BlockFi $138.65 ($81.33 & $57.32)

My 8 * $5 from bonus codes were credited and the monthly HODL reward was  $41.33. I chose to receive the interest in CEL, as a long term investment plan. I hope (and predict) that CEL will soon follow a growing pattern similar to Binance Coin (BNB).

I opened my BlockFi account to get the $50 BTC bonus for new users. Currently holding Ethereum in there and the bonus Bitcoin. I plan to use it in a mix with Celsius when new bonus code will become available.


8. Binance : $128.65

Another crazy month on Binance with gains from flexible savings, locked activities, staking and Launchpool.  The CoinMarket Cap rewards were distributed and I received over $25 worth of crypto (one 1inch token and 10 GRT).


The Launchpool farming performed really well and added 4.4 DODO and 8.25 Litentry (LIT) to my SPOT wallet, which is $86.68 obtained from staking Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD)


9. Lbry.tv:  $93.42

Lbry.tv is going to the moon! Good month with many high rewards from watching the daily video. With only $10.18 worth of LBC in January, this month went on hype boost. At the moment holding 705.36 LBC which I plan to hold for a long time.


10. Junior Staking $60.95

I staked Tezos, Matic, Weed and Tron this month! The Tezos staking on Coinbase generated $1.87 and the frozen Tron added another $1.44. The biggest rise in value and generated income was Matic, which now re-branded into Polygon. The 117.44 MATIC reward ($26.75) boosted the income from Junior Staking.


Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) is an amazing opportunity to receive Bitcoin mining rewards on Binance Smart Chain. I farmed some BTCST from Binance Launchpool and Pancake Swap, to which I added an BUSD investment. See the one month review here! February Bitcoin reward was 0.00032626 BTC ($16.17) 


A new addition was DankSwap and the $WEED farming. I received 2 WEED tokens as airdrop on the 14th of February which I staked when the platform went live. Made an article about the DankSwap and the Weed farming and shared my opinions. The price went up to $4 and kept over $1 for many days until dropping to $0.20 (rugpull maybe?). Farmed 73.6 WEED tokens ($14.72) in 2 weeks but the value keeps dropping so probably soon they will be worthless.



11. Coinbase: $43

Above average gains from Coinbase, with $30 Bitcoin from two new referral, $10 Stellar Lumens from someone who used my referral link 4 months ago (waiting list estimated time is an absolute joke) and $3 worth of Numeraire (NMR)

12. Faucet Reward: $37.42

PipeFlare GlobalHive payments are constantly adding ZEC on Celsius, while the Get.ZEN fountain added in the Sphere Wallet. The ZEN and GlobalHive fountains are paying the daily claim but no referral bonus was paid in February. Sent and email and waiting for feedback. Those the generated $15.41 worth of ZEC and ZEN. I was so lucky at Free-Litecoin and FreeBitcoin! I rolled a high number at least once a week which was reflected in the February income. Rolling at least once a day, and doing the Wheel of Fortune on FreeBitcoin raised $22.01 worth of Bitcoin and Litecoin

Coinpot is now gone forever while the FreeCryptos (DASH, TRX, ETH,  ADABNBLINKNEOBTC LTC) rolled well even if no withdrawal cap was reached. I am close to reaching the minimum value for withdrawing DASH, TRX, ADA and Ethereum.

13. KDP/Amazon Books  $36.49

The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories keeps delivering. My books were sold all over the world and the income from books keeps steady month after month. 


14. Atomic Wallet: $35.88

Currently staking Zilliqa (ZIL), Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) and the ALGO I've received from Coinbase Earn. Got few cents from ALGO, but the biggest gain comes from Zilliqa's Governance Token, the gZIL. With the 121.59 ZIL ($14.51) claimed in February, I added 0.12 gZIL ($16.90) to the stash. Atomic Wallet Coin did well during the bull run and the 2.294 AWC farmed this month are worth $4.29.


15. Leo Finance: $26.70

My Leo Finance account, pvmihalache had a small income in January ($12.29) and I worked hard publishing every day in February. My total balance after 2 months is valued at $38.99 from 23.23 LEO, 36.321 Hive, 6.9 Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) and $3.87 of various coins. This means that this month I doubled the January income and things are improving. 

16. SnowSwap: $24.61 (0.503 SNOW)

SNOW pumped this month, reaching $169.02 on the 8th of February as a new All-time High. Since then it slowly dropped value, finding support around the value of $50. Even if the current value is far from the ATH, it is still 5x the December value. I farmed 0.5 SNOW in February, which is $ at todays price.


17. Football Index: $24.44

Still waiting for the values to go up and have opportunities to sell some players. Currently having 102 and I want to drop it to 50 and cash some money out. The only income was $24.44 from match and media dividends. 


18. Brave Browser :  $11.26 (19.4 BAT) 

The Brave referral system ended December, and the number of adds getting lower and lower. I also noticed that the reward given per add was reduced. Having Brave on 3 devices, which I constantly use, generated only 19.4 BAT. This is the lowest amount of BAT generated from Brave and they need to change something before the users will start loosing their confidence in Brave Browser. 


19. RateSetter : $6.88

RateSetter has halved rewards until 21st of January due to the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore the February was at full rate. Unfortunately RateSetter will close over the next months and all funds will be automatically sent in the bank account. I will probably split them in half, investing and spoil my family from them.

20. Stakecube $6.67

Stakecube keeps adding a good amount of crypto from the faucets, automatic staking and shared masternodes rewards. Sold my DOGE for Bitcoin when Elon pumped the joke coin.

21. WiseAlpha : $3.64

WiseAlpha payments are planned depending on the month when the investment was made. This month income was £2.94 from McLaren.



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Residual Income:

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DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch



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