Fantasy Football and The Hardest Memecoin On Base - EURO 2024 Is Played With Big Balls

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 20 May 2024

Something BIG is coming! Euro 2024 will start soon... and the next viral meme on BASE blockchain is inviting you to take part a rock hard competition. This is Base(d) on a true story!  

dickbrAIn understands what people love about crypto: excitement, authenticity, and fun. That's why they delivered the coolest marketing and art. The new chapter where dicks grow and communities bond has started! For degens, by degens. Welcome aboard! 

dickbrAIn (noun) – a man who thinks with his penis instead of his brain. In other words, his actions aren’t rational and decisions are totally driven by getting laid. 


But this is not the average memecoin... because $DICK grows and has utility! Not that utility ... you perv! DickbrAIn launched the game of the year, where you can slap Sam Bankman for the evil he done to the Cryptoverse. Earn points, raise above the competitions and win $DICK! 

The top 20 players will share the bounties, but that's not all! You can earn $DICK for interacting on twitter, meme competitions and being active in the dickbrAIn discord! What are you waiting degen?


That's hot as the upcoming summer events, both in the Cryptoverse and IRL! Are you ready for the strongest fantasy football tournament ever hosted in the dickbrAIn discord? Are you ready for the EURO 2024? Which country will slap hardest? Who will go the distance and stay strong until the end?

Germany will host the tournament, which is scheduled to take place from 14 June to 14 July 2024 and the winner will later compete in the 2025 CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions against the 2024 Copa América winner. This is the first tournament with 24 teams, and Georgia is the only team making it's European Championship finals debut.


You need to be in the dickbrAIn discord to participate, as the league's link is available only for members. The initial prize pool is set at 20,000 $DICK but will go bigger if the participation is ... massive. Show us that you are rock hard and can penetrate the top of the leaderboard. We have lots of $DICK for the strong ones! 

The initial share plan is 6,000 $DICK for the winner, 5,000 tokens for the second place and 4,000 for the manager finishing on the third place. We have 3k and 2k for the next ones, and maybe more prizes will be added!

How to play? Join dickbrAIn discord and follow the link to make your team. Use the $100 mil. budget to select 15 players and you're ready to rumble. Select the starting eleven and the captain, depending on who they are playing. They will earn points based on IRL performance and your captain will get double-up! That's all! 


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