Ethereum ... I love you 3000

Ethereum ... I love you 3000

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 6 Jul 2021


Buying Ethereum

This is a trip down memory lane but this time is not as painful as the Bitcoin story. Remember the day ...  11th of November 2016! We are going back in time nearly 5 years ago ... when I spent $129 to buy 12 ETH. The price per unit was $10.21 and the fees where 4% at that time.


Few weeks later, 29th of November 2016 at breakfast! Ethereum price was dropping and I made my 2nd Ethereum purchase. I bought 15 ETH for $127.64, which after deducting the fees was $8.15 per unit.


It was past midnight on the 27th of December 2016 when I made my third Ethereum purchase. I paid $99.08 for 13 ETH, which was $7.26 per unit. Basically I bought the dip, as Ethereum was $3 cheaper than in  early November price. I had 40 ETH in my wallet and I was ready to HODL. The total investment summed up 347 USD.


Selling Ethereum

March 2017 and it's a whole different story. I started to believe that Ethereum will follow the Bitcoin journey and will keep growing. I seen Ethereum value growing 5x in just 4 months and I sold 10 ETH for $463.15, at $45.56 per unit. This transaction covered the whole investment and I was $115 in profit. I was ready to HODL and wait for a better price , somewhere at $100 per Ethereum.


I did better then expected and didn't sold at $100. I waited patiently until June when I sold two batches and booked a birthday holiday in Tenerife, all inclusive. I sold 6 ETH for $1310.47 and 4 ETH for $1075.77, being more than happy with the profit. It was 2017 and crypto awareness was basically zero. I made three months of wages just by buying cheap and holding for half year. 


I started to fear volatility and sold another batch of Ethereum, this time 10 ETH for 2021.98 USD. I invested some of the profit in Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA) and shitcoins that now are long gone but I was happy with the achievement. I bought 8 Litecoin for $237, which I still hold as you read but everything else turned to dust in the great market crush of 2018.


I am not sure if I was greedy or I wanted peace of mind! On the 25th of July I sold my last 10 ETH for $2,123 and when the crypto market shattered in thousand pieces, I was happy I sold when the price was that high!


I invested $347 in Ethereum in November 2016 and December 2017 and sold them all by July 2017 for $6973, making a 20x profit. I had a dream holiday, I bought staff for the baby and I was happy. Market went down and I stayed out of the Cryptoverse since March 2020 when I joined Publish0x. The crypto journey started again and this time thousands of opportunities were waiting!

Watching Ethereum

When Ethereum reached $1260 in January 2018 I was cool about it. Don't get me wrong, $50,000 is much better than $7000 but we cannot predict the future and back then it was just Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litcoin. I had no clue how fast crypto will evolve and I was happy with the profit. If you want to talk about life-changing money, lets talk about 12 May 2021, when Ethereum reached the $4,356.99 ATH. 

Holding that Ethereum for another 4 years would have been life-changing money! Four years are not going that quickly but ... what if? At the all-time high value, the 40 ETH I had would have been 174,279.60 USD! We are still talking about four years and 100% I wouldn't catch the ATH. 


Earning Ethereum

I was able to earn Ethereum between April 2020 and June 2021, as ETH was one of the coins integrated in the Publish0x tipping system. In that timeframe I earned 1.75 ETH and HODL season 2 starts now! Dear Ethereum ... I love you 3000!


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