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Estádio do Dragão roars for FAN Tokens - FC Porto added on Binance Launchpad

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 11 Nov 2021

FC Porto Fan Token Launchpad

October was the month when FAN tokens were really implemented in the Binance ecosystem. I was very surprised when I seen the Lazio Fan Token Binance Launchpad only few days after the BETA Launchpad concluded. The event had an expensive starting point, at $1 per Lazio token, and only 4,000,000 $LAZIO to be distributed, only 21.5% of the token total supply. 

One month later, looks like FAN Tokens are the trend, with FC Porto being added as a new token on Binance Launchpad. Just realized I didn't wrote about how well Lazio Launchpad went, so I will wait for Porto to conclude and write a 2in1 article.


The FC Porto Fan Token Binance Launchpad is now in the preparation period, with 4 days and few hours left until subscription starts. The amount of BNB was recorded since the 10th of November and the average holdings for the whole period can be used for subscription.

One $PORTO will have 1 USD sale price, and the hard cap per user is set at 10,000 PORTO tokens.  The FAN token is native BEP-20 utility token designed to enhance the experience for all the FC Porto supporters, by empowering them to influence club decisions through voting rights.


A total of 4,000,000 $PORTO will be distributed through the Launchpad, 19.5% of the total token supply. The tokens will be bought with BNB, at a price determined prior to the start of the subscription, and will be allocated after the end of the sale.


The strategy is simple ...  set your alarm on the 16th of November ( 6 AM to 9 AM UTC) and commit you BNB holding to receive $PORTO. The calculation period starts at 9 AM UTC and the final token distribution at 10 AM UTC. Will take few hours for the Porto Fan Tokens to appear in the spot wallet, and a bit more for the remaining BNB. Don't panic!


FC Porto - Dragões

The club was founded on the 28th of September 1893, and is one of the "Os Três Grandes" clubs in Portugal. They have played in every season of Primera Liga since it was formed in 1934 and is the 2nd most successful club in the country, with 79 trophies.

The silverware cabinet has 72 domestic trophies:  29 Primera Liga titles, 17 Portugal Cup trophies, 4 League Cup trophies and a record-breaking 22 Portugal Super Cup trophies. The "Dragons" has won two titles without losing any game in 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. 

If you are a football fan, you probably link up FC Porto with the great squad that won the UEFA Champions League in 2003 -2004. Jose Mourinho squad of ballers smashed Monaco in the final, after an outstanding season.


In Europe, FC Porto is Portugal's most decorated team, with seven continental trophies:  two UEFA Champions League, two Europa League, two Intercontinental Cups and one European Cup Winners' Cup.

Do you want to be part of Porto's glory or you just want to earn some money? The choice is yours!


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