Darkside Group donates Bitcoin to charities

Darkside Group donates Bitcoin to charities

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 27 Oct 2020

If you enjoyed the story of SAMCZUN, a White Hat Hacker that saved $10 million ETH from vanishing in unknown wallets which he found vulnerable in the Dark Forrest, you will definitively enjoy this one as well.8e6f21bb290a978cc69eab6d90952af131604a2def032fd6e1ea47624351f49b.jpeg

Darkside Group donated $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to Children International and The Water Project, and now the charities have no method to return the money which they consider as an unethical donation. Darkside makes ransomware programs that will computers, making them inoperable unless the encryption key is purchased from big amount of money. Darkside was created as different from common-or-garden criminals, and they are saying that based on their principles they will not attack hospitals, educational settings, governments or charities. The target will be big cmpanies that can pay the requested amount not small businesses.

Every charity works with donation and any donation, big or small is always welcome, specially during this funding crunch due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the current regulation and laws, the charity organisations cannot keep donation that comes from crimes and crime associated activities, therefore the Bitcoin donation has to be refused as it comes from crybercrime and ransomware.

An here is where the amusement starts, as Darkside Group acted as Robin Hood and stole money from big corporation and gave it to the charities digitally via Bitcoin, and the transaction cannot be tracked or refunded. It is no guidance on how the charity to return the money or to know from who was stolen from.

The 0.88 Bitcoin donation to Children International and The Water Project came as a surprise for everyone. The payment came with a Darkside message on the darknet website where they highlighted the reason for the good will gesture. They warned that coverage of the donations will only harm the companies who received them.

No matter how bad you think our work is, we are pleased to know that we helped change someone’s life - Darkside website

Security specialists are saying that this move is not-charitable and just an attention seeking move. The amount is just crumbles from what hacks are stealing therefore the philanthropic gesture is not credible. To go even further, this can be a test to see if charity organisation can be used to launder criminal assets.

This exceptional case leaves Children International and The Water Project in an awkward position, and they refuse to keep the donation but because the money was sent through a mixer that obscures the details or identity of the sender of bitcoin from the recipient this donation cannot be sent back.7183614f70c63993da2a5923d7faefc9f46e6913c30777cd83926c612c118f33.jpeg

My idea to solve the issue will be to send the money to another charity organisation and they have to receive the donation as its coming from a charity not from a criminal organisation. Problem sorted 💡 


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