Crypto opportunities: CertiK (CTK), $FARM, Helium (HNT) and ... Halloween!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 26 Oct 2020

This week crypto opportunities are waiting for the humble farmers to open the wallet and let the assets jump in. Carve your pumpkin and fill it with tokens. Put your mask on and go trick or treat for some new assets!


Binance rewards: On Binance Launchpool, the Flamingo, ALPHA and Venus farming entered the last week. The Swipe (SXP) airdrop has 2 weeks left and I can confirm that BNB staked into the Launchpool is still calculated for the reward. 

CertiK was added for farming on the 23rd of October, with BNB, BUSD and CTK staking for 12-16 days using the new Launchpool format. Certik (CTK) will then be listed on the 27th of October with CTK/BTC, CTK/BNB, CTK/BUSD and CTK/USDT trading pairs.f522d2b63bfd60e0db46d1bbec7f4d14017afafef523cc53b89629e180b4c779.jpeg

CoinMarketCap : The 4th "Earn money - Learn about Crypto" is now live on CoinMarketCap. Helium will be rewarded Helium (HNT). To earn a share of bounty, users must watch 4 short videos, and complete an 8 questions quiz about what is Helium, how to mine HNT and what are Data Credits.

CirclesMy brother found this project which on the paper sounds amazing but I have no idea how they can make it to work in a sustainable way. According to the Whitepapers, Circles is designed to be a basic income, and will unconditionally issue Circles Tokens to all members, on a regular basis. This will create a network of people, with no central leadership, which will aim to create an alternative economy. All the members will be able to receive income from crypto re-distribution. The project sounds stolen from the Garden of Eden, where everyone will be happy ever after. FOMO is kicking in and I have to give it a try, just in case this project will become successful. Join me if you think it has potential, cause the early bird will catch... rewards!38561222da36ac0dc6bacbbca12e504770873ada6f0cd80914951a13f110a00f.jpeg

PipeFlare: You all know that PipeFlare is going to the moon and has become my favourite faucet. Up to date, in October I was paid $4.5 worth of ZEC from the Tier4 Referral system and another $1.20 from the daily claim (and DASH, PivX and Flares on top). This week, they announced more referral improvements, starting from November 2020 and a full set of advantages. From next month, the games will be integrated into the referral system and referrers will earn a commission based on any winnings from their referrals in the game leader boards. The top 20 referrers will win extra prizes, from $5 to $1000 and everyone with 25+ active referrals will have access to Premium Support and Advanced Analytics. 


Coinbase Earn: The Coinbase Earn new and extended COMP lesson is giving users the opportunity to earn up to $59 Compound (COMP). See Mynima excellent guide on how to complete the task in this post: More Compound (COMP) added to Coinbase Earn - Up to $50. Also there are still up to $50 worth of EOS to be claimed.

Harvest.Finance Creativity Contest - round 3 prize pool is $13,000 worth of FARM tokens. This round will reward 50 entries. Humble farmers can submit their work until 28th of October and wait for the harvest. If you have web design skills, a separate competition is running, where over $5000 worth of FARM will be shared to 10 artists.


Meanwhile I won another prize at the Harvest Finance Creativity contest and the 3rd place at the DEXToken writing competition, therefore I have to edit my silverware picture from the signature. To finish in style... here is my Christmas recommendation ... the Wiko gin advent calendar for only £10!


* currently testing ReadCash

Links and referrals


CoinMarketCap - Helium (HNT)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $59 Compound (COMP)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $50 worth of EOS

Amazon author page: PV Mihalache

Quality Faucets: Stakecube (20 daily faucets)

Tier 4 referral system: Horizen (ZEN) & ZCash from PipeFlare GlobalHive



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