CoinMarketCap - Learn and Earn GRT (The Graph)

CoinMarketCap - Learn and Earn GRT (The Graph)

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 8 Jan 2021

The Graph (GRT) was recently added to Coinbase, and some was shared through Coinbase Earn. Now is CoinMarketCap to share some GRT with their Learn and Earn campaign. I seen lot of negative feedback regarding the CoinMarketCap reward distribution, and I totally agree with all, as no clear system is shared with the participants. Until this campaign I received a little share, finding in my Spot Wallet 1.1 Terra ($1.00),  1 Helium ($1.42) and 20 Orchid ($5.69)


The Graph (GRT) is the Ethereum token that powers The Graph, the decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains. The GRT price was a boosted upon listing on Coinbase, and needed few days before reaching stability.         


Lesson 1:  Learn about The Graph, and how the network will help the crypto economy.2c50d10e84509314da889e0d1898fc6cb932f31a7eb136205c2414f56aabeae0.jpeg

Lesson 2: Discover how curation works, and how the open data is organized on The Graph864afb59dfc63f7ea1b58f2db440895140f03434540735a90fab712b9f61644c.jpeg

Lesson 3 : How to secure the networks as Delegator, and an overview of Indexing.e178e898358909b3656bb0dea5feeada3ee98e34ae5adc255e4c1358f565dac3.jpeg

The Quiz?  Classic format with 8 questions, the usual T&C and the details for crediting the reward. Accept the T&C, add you email associated with the CoinMarketCap and the 8-digit Binance user ID before starting. An email confirmation will be sent after completing the quiz.d3231f0fc74f499d29aaa3de34421c27246eddfb186466e454b494937f4e591c.jpeg

The answer to question one is 10,000,000,000 tokens.909257efdce32634d07265f8e50c98951b7c27f3ba5988831f4ca5e861855aaf.jpeg


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch

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