Climbing up the Beanstalk - 100 days for Jacktoshi and the Golden Beans

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 15 Nov 2021

100 days of Beanstalk

Time goes quicker in the Cryptoverse and even if feels like ages since Beanstalk innovated the stablecoins system ... this project celebrates only 100 days! The story started 100 days ago, when the protocol was deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. Many started their climb up the beanstalk, in the search of a golden goose, and this created an organic community. Me, you and you as well ... we are Jacktoshi! We are those who went up the beanstalk and reached the DeFi clouds.

The Beanstalk community has grown, boosted by the roadmap updates, "Ask Me Anything" sessions (1st AMA and 2nd AMA recordings) and the integration of the decentralized subgraph into Bean.Money. Join the $BEANS party!


BIP-2 passed via vote and approved an improve model of tax efficiency of transactions that immediately reinvest harvests and claims into Beanstalk. Bean.Money will soon include a guide  on how the transaction settings and tax efficiency improved after the approval of BIP-2.

The Development Budget and Marketing Budgets that were approved by BIP1 have jump-started the decentralized development of Beanstalk and its community.


The decentralized community is being built, and weekly classes are held at the Beanstalk A&T University. The classes are aiming to educate the farmers on how Beanstalk Protocol Works . A high number of farmers turned up for the Agricultural and Technical classes, learning the Beanstalk's mechanics. The recordings of the 1st A&T class and the 2nd class can be used as learning material by aspiring farmers.


If you still find some of the terms confusing, please check the Beanstalk Terminology and learn all about the magical $BEANS and how the $STALK can help you to get some "golden eggs".


Jacktoshi and the golden beans!

Reading and learning about Beanstalk made me have a "dream"! I was the real Jack-toshi and I sold my bag of ancient stablecoins for a handful of magical $BEANS. The stablecoins were so old that they required collateral to maintain the peg. 

It was sowing season so I planted the $BEANS in small garden behind the house. The soil was fertile and the weather was nice and sunny. Only few hours later, a strong beanstalk grew in my garden. The beanstalk grew so quick and by the time I seen it, it was already reaching the clouds. I started climbing, grabbing pods and holding the stalk tight during my accession. 

In a little while, I reached the first cloud and I could hear music. My vision was still blurry and took me few seconds to adapt to the sunshine, but I think I seen beans... golden beans!


While I peeked around the cloud, I could see lots of beans enjoying the 100 days celebration. I could see jumping beans, dancing beans, stable beans ... and even a bean dressed like Elvis. They invited me to join the party and shared bags of pods with me. The golden beans, I assume they were the leaders, showed me how to use the silo and maximize the field usage.

We enjoyed the music, good vibes and nice weather, watching as additional pods were generated while sowing $BEANS. The party was going on and on, which made me ask the wisest golden bean when the party will stop. I was told that the party never stops on the Beanstalk, because the $BEANS are stable and will keep "having fun" season after season. Party never stops? I must get more beans, I must sow more beans!


Happy 100 days Beanstalk and many achievements and milestones to be reached in the next 100 days! Until then ... fill your piggybank with $BEANS, $STALK and $SEEDS! 


Links and media:

Beanstalk Discord

Beanstalk Medium

Beanstalk Twitter

Beanstalk Whitepaper


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