Binance Launchpool: Bella Protocol (BEL) for BNB holders

Binance Launchpool: Bella Protocol (BEL) for BNB holders

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 11 Sep 2020

The Bella Protocol (BEL) is a hybrid project that is both DeFi and CeFi in the same time. Bella provides custodian services as a DeFI gateway, yield farming strategies with smart contracts and has the ability to be integrated with CEX's for yield farming and trading. Bella Protocol targets user friendly mobile banking into the decentralized finance world, with single click transfers and no need for wallet copy/paste actions. Token holders will receive profit sharing, discounts and voting power. Successful entrepreneurs and experienced block-chain creators are behind the project, making Bella Protocol a sustainable product. f5a999e9df401b31bd2bd70caa8b9e7eb7f2cbab33a5b99d11274731cf9799fb.jpeg

Binance Launchpool first project went live on Wednesday, the 9th of September. Users can farm Bella Protocol  (BEL) by staking Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and ARPA for 30 days. The official listing of Bella Protocol will be on Wednesday, the 16th of September, pairing with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Binance USD and Tether for trading.51b218c96caca6618c8953ab89743f1fcae18cca3fd2cdd5ce8deedc93bd92b7.jpeg

Binance will distribute 5 million tokens through the Launchpool campaing, 5% of the total supply of Bella Protocol (BEL). The private sale token will be at the 1 BEL : 0.75 USD. The staking has no upper limit, however 90% of the distribution will be made towards BNB holders. The remaining share will be distributed 9% to BUSD holders and just 1% to ARPA holders.bcaf60fd6ce15d23ce488b5aef30614780c82b2ba3e373cbc8029fb924dc4c3e.jpeg

The Launchpool will end on the 9th of October, when the last share of 166 thousands of BEL will be distributed. All the BNB, BUSD and ARPA balance in the Binance Savings will be eligible for the campaign. If users do not stake an additional amount above zero withing the staking period, they will not be eligible to earn BEL rewards. The rewards are calculated and distributed daily in the spot wallet after midnight. Users will receive the Flexible Savings interest from from the above products at the same time.a55a1f37145a657371c233770a2a294cbd88ef17c6c309c36544b7096f76cee2.jpeg

To make sure the BNB, BUSB and ARPA balance is eligible for rewards, redeem the existing balance from Savings, and transfer it again by selecting the option with the "Launchpool" header. Only the tokens in the spot wallet are eligible for staking. Users will still be able to unstake the assets at any time and they will still receive the other standard benefits, such as interest or airdrops.5b5ad76b46b7570d0d1e449e6f39787466e4652ecdb1731edd3a69fca147a840.jpeg

Enjoy the Launchpool and happy Bella farming!


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