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Astaria - On-Chain NFT Lending Platform

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 22 Jan 2023

DeFi will bloom again, NFTs will become part of our daily life and Web3 will be added in all sectors. This makes me believe that the NFT lending market is inevitable!

NFT lending expansion depends on fairer loans, support for other NFT types, and composable debt. This path is challenging but achievable.

Astaria is the on-chain NFT lending platform that aims to provide a seamless experience for DeFi user, by implementing a three-actor model to provide instant liquidity to borrowers and provide competitive yields to liquidity providers.

The three-actor model model is built around strategists, borrowers and liquidity providers. The Strategists will deploy vaults with a list of loan terms matched to supported NFTs. The terms can be continuously updated as markets fluctuate.

The Borrowers are the users that take out loans against NFTs according to loan terms provided by Strateigsts, while the Liquidity Providers earn yield on funds provided to Public Vaults.


Astaria makes it easy for owners to access instant liquidity on supported NFTs. Borrowers have the benefit of having their loans be refinanced if better terms are available.

The Strategist will create terms for a specific collection and the Liquidity Providers will fill the pools. The exit of the pool is epoch based and strategists will compete for the most favorable terms for both borrowers and lenders.

Astaria was built from the ground up to provide a borrower-centric experience while maintaining capital guarantees for liquidity providers. Time consuming search for the best borrowing rate against a NFT is eliminated by the wide range of loan terms offered by Strategists.

All loans on Astaria may be permissionlessly refinanced if better terms become available. It gets even better with the FlashActions tool, as users can instantly reclaim NFTs, perform an action with it, and return it to Astaria without sacrificing your active loans.


Astaria believes in synergy between the project and the community, and that web3 platforms live by their community. This vision is clear in the vibrant Discord server, where events and competitions are keeping up the good vibes.

PVM Entertainment and Leisure hosts a Poker Tournament on Tuesday, at 2PM UTC! Join and battle for the Poker Champion Discord Title and try to win one of the five prizes allocated to the event.


This will be the second Astaria Poker Tournament in history, after the December rumble. ThomasWolf is the first Poker Champion on the server and one of the best players I seen on the turf.

Will Idksamad7869 or Infinity take the crown on Tuesday? Join us at 2 PM for the PVM Entertainment and Leisure Astaria Poker Tournament


He had too many chips when we entered into the final hands, and my only option was to push and hope for the best. I hoped for that cursed 8 until the last hand, but it was Thomas who secured the hand with a flush!


It's time to impress the community if you have big crypto brains! You can challenge me trivia events and even earn prizes! I smashed the competition in the last Kahoot and I am looking forward to flex my brain cells in the next one!


Astaria Official Links

Astaria Discord

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Astaria Website

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