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April 2020 -Welcome to the Level 4 of "Apocalypse"

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 20 Apr 2020

Not the Doomsayer type but after all that happen in the world in 2020, I just wonder what will happen next and how the aftermaths will change our daily life. Until now we had fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, the Covid-19 pandemic and other alarming situations. I seen so many Jumanji jokes in the last days and the comparison is very realistic. 


And now, April 2020, forest fires burning for several days close to the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear plant. If you don't know what happened at Cernobyl, let me make a short resume.

On the 26th of April 1986, the No 4 reactor exploded, due to a rupture in the core, creating a destructive steam explosion followed by a second explosion and radioactive contamination. A sarcophagus was built around the power plant. Lethal doses of radiation spreed quickly, and in the follow-up the nearby city of Pripya was evacuated and abandoned. Radioactive debris contaminated the environment, flora and fauna died, and many animals suffered mutations. The number of potential deaths was debated to an approximately four thousands, and the disaster was linked to many cases of abortion, genetic mutation and cancer. I know so much about it because I was born in June 1986, in Romania, less than 800 km away from the Nuclear Plant. 

Lets come back to April 2020, when forest fires are burning for days in Ukraine, reaching the abandoned town of Pripyat. The smoke spreading for miles and due to the fire, the radiation levels went 16 times above normal, causing radiation fears in Ukraine. The quality of air declined and the meteorological condition can spread the ashes from the radiation zone.

Firefighters, planes and helicopters were sent to tackle the fire which was largely been contained. No one will know the long time effect on the environment or how the radiation will reach the nearby countries, but after what happened in 1986, this event will generate some panic.

If you add this to the current lock-down due to Covid-19, and all the natural disasters which happened this year, makes you wander is this is the result of human invasion and environmental destruction.  I am not an environmental fighter but I respect nature, in all aspects, and  I honestly think that global environmental awareness must replace the current ways and the invasive progress.  Green energy usage must thrive, along with responsible tourism.



Chernobyl disaster 

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