What will happen to my crypto after my death?

By Minae | Mina | 17 Apr 2021

As my portfolio keeps increasing, and I keep investing more in cryptos, I've been thinking about this for the last couple of months.

What will happen to my crypto after I die? What if tomorrow, I die unexpectedly and no one but me have my passwords?


I know this isn't the most uplifting subject, I am still young, I have my whole life in front of me but the unexpected can happen at any seconds. And I have to plan what will happen to my crypto after my death.

After some research, I found just a few options :

  • SafeHeaven, which provide a safety net, allowing you to designate an inheritor after your death
  • A ledger
  • Writing down your passwords and pass phrases and keeping them in an envelope to be open after your death.


Personally, I chose the third option. I wrote down all of my passwords and safe phrases and placed them somewhere safe in case anything happen to me. I cannot imagine how much cryptos are in wallets, locked because the owner of it died unexpectedly. I am pretty sure thousands of wallets are "lost" each year because of this.

You may think that you're still young, that nothing will happen but I strongly recommend you to plan a backup plan. Anything can happen and you wouldn't want to leave your cryptos on a wallet, lost forever instead of giving it to your friends or family.

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