A quarantine activity : Embroidery

By Minae | Mina | 10 Apr 2021

So during Quarantine last year, when the pandemic closed everything down, I was quite bored at home. 

I was studying abroad in the US so I had no family around to go home to and I couldn’t see my friends as much (yeah, quarantine).

I started to become a little bit depressed, having nothing to do all day except classes, play with my cat, eat and sleep. So one day, strolling through Walmart I saw these embroidery things and I thought “oh well, let’s try it!” 

I really got into it! Watching movies while embroidering was really relaxing and it helped me get through this horrible phase! And on the plus side, I have beautiful art pieces made by myself! 

I’ll let you with some pictures of what I made during these 2-3 months. It isn’t the best, but I’m quite proud of myself knowing I never did that kind of thing before! 


My 2nd embroidery ever!



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