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I have felt BROKEN | Me he sentido "ROTA"

I have felt BROKEN | Me he sentido "ROTA"

By Mildred271 | Mildred271 | 20 Aug 2022

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I feel that I have been a little broken these days, and when I refer to "broken" I mean that I find myself with a deep discouragement, with an apathy, distant as if I were not there.

I have always been to think a lot among myself, I have often felt that it is counterproductive to think as much as I do, since I get lost in my thoughts, not all thoughts are quite right.

I think I've broken my head, I've broken my head during my last week imagining chaotic scenarios in store.

I have been tired, thinking so much has unbalanced my body, making it sick to the point that weakness and fatigue have been worryingly crushing my body and, as I believe something in my spirit.

I have decided to face my thoughts by sending them a MEMO:
You have only won a couple of battles but in the war I will be victorious.




Siento que he estado un poco rota estos días, y cuando me refiero a "rota" me refiero que me encuentro con un profundo desanimo, con una apatía, distante como cortante.

Siempre he sido de pensar mucho entre mi, ha menudo siento que es contraproducente pensar tanto como lo hago yo, ya que que me pierdo entre mis pensamientos, no todos los pensamientos son del todo bien.

Creo que he roto mi cabeza durante mi ultima semana imaginando escenarios caóticos en mi haber.

He estado fatigada, el pensar tanto ha descompensado mi cuerpo enfermándolo al punto que la debilidad y el cansancio ha ido aplastando mi cuerpo preocupantemente como también algo de mi espíritu.

He decidió hacerle frente a mis pensamientos haciéndoles llegar un MEMO:
Solo has ganado un par de batallas pero en la guerra saldré victoriosa.

previously published on HIVE

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I'm Mildred from Venezuela


Hi, I'm mildred, a girl born in 1991, a visual artist who loves animals and nature from my beloved Venezuela. I invite you to read my blog where I will be publishing what I am as a human being.

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