Will we win over $ 11 on progression today ?

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 29 Apr 2021

Welcome everyone,

Yesterday I managed to hit 3/3 of the suggestions for games worth playing, whilwe didn't manage to hit the progression, so we didn't get 100% effectiveness yesterday. But let's hope today will be better :) The odds for today's 3 events are 2,31. However, the rate on progression that we play today is 2.10 for $ 6. Below you will find tips for today and yesterday's summary. Good luck ;)

I also invite you to the discord where I often share my tips for free :)

Link to the discussion group where we help each other to earn money by betting on matches--------------> https://discord.gg/eJBvv4p


Results of my yesterday suggestions :

Cilic M. vs Borges N. --------------------------------------->Cilic M. win match (ATP - SINGIEL: Estoril)(odds.1.57) ✓ (2:1)

Victoria Rosport vs Fola ------------------------------------->over 1.5 goals in match (LUXEMBOURG: National Division)(odds.1.12) ✓ (1:5)

Cuevas P. vs Ruud C. ---------------------------------------> Ruud C. win match (ATP - SINGIEL: Munchen)(odds.1.22) ✓ (0:2)


The result of high odds

Omsk vs CSKA Moskwa ------------------------------->CSKA Moskwa win match in basic time (RUSSIA: KHL - Play Off) (odds.2.15) X (1:0)



My effectiveness: 73,87% (246/333)  / Low odds

My  effectiveness of extra prediction : 0% (0/0) 

The effectiveness of high types 43,96% (51/116)                Profit or loss from playing high odds ------------> +424,86


Today I also have some interesting types to play. Remember, you play at your own risk and, above all, not for all the money


Shapovalov D. vs Moutet C. --------------------------------------->Shapovalov D. win match (ATP - SINGIEL: Estoril)(odds.1.47)

Manchester 62 vs Glacis United ------------------------------------->over 1.5 goals in match (GIBRALTAR: National League)(odds.1.21)

Switolina E. vs Teichmann J. B. ---------------------------------------> Switolina E. win match (WTA - SINGIEL: Madryt)(odds.1.30)


High odds worth playing


Kaufbeuren vs Freiburg ------------------------------->Kaufbeuren win match in basic time (GERMANY: DEL2 - Play Off)

6$ (odds.2.10)


In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my


Is there any of you willing to participate in a small contest? If so, let me know and we will organize something :)

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