Summary of 2020 and a small competition. How much did we earn?

Summary of 2020 and a small competition. How much did we earn?

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 1 Jan 2021

Welcome everyone,

Yesterday I managed to hit 3/3 of the suggestions for over 1.5 goals in the match, and managed to hit the progressions again. Thanks to yesterday's day we are finishing the last day of the year with 100% efficiency and I hope we will enter the present day as well. Now I will present you my last year's effectiveness: The effectiveness of single events with low exchange rates was 78,52 %  personally, this is a good result but it could always be better. The effectiveness on progression was 43,93% and thanks to it we earned exactly 1 780,89$. 

 Today we will take a day off to start tomorrow with a better offer :) I hope you don't hold it against me? 

Because today there will be no bookmaker tips, I decided that from today I will choose one person who will win a special 7-day New Year's package, along with my betting offers :) The only condition is that you have to leave a comment here with a nickname for your discord or enter my discord and there leave a message :) I hope someone will take part in the contest :) Happy New Year

I also invite you to the discord where I often share my tips for free :)


Link to the discussion group where we help each other to earn money by betting on matches-------------->


Results of my yesterday suggestions :

Al-Ain vs Al-Jazira --------------------------------------->over 1.5 goals in match (UAE: UAE League)(odds.1.16) ✓ (2:2)

Al Batin vs Al-Ittihad FC ------------------------------------->over 1.5 goals in match (SAUDI ARABIA: Premier League) (odds.1.25) ✓ (1:2)

San Jose vs Vinto ------------------------------------->over 1.5 goals in match (BOLIVIA: Division Profesional)(odds.1.18) ✓ (1:1)


The result of high odds

Sweden U20 vs USA U20 ------------------------------->USA U20 win match in basic time (WORLD: World Cup U20) (odds.2.10) ✓(0:4)

Stake 6$ 


My effectiveness: 78,52% (373/475)  /Low odds 

My  effectiveness of extra prediction : 100% (1/1) 

The effectiveness of high types 43,93% (58/132)                Profit or loss from playing high odds ------------> +1 780,89$



In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my


Is there any of you willing to participate in a small contest? If so, let me know and we will organize something :)

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