By Mikailu | Mikailu | 4 Aug 2022

Klever blockchain


Klever has been on the Tron blockchain since it’s time of creation, but what has been the benefits 🤔? Well we will break down the benefits and also the restrictions they have had since then.

Let’s face the fact Tron Ecosystem is great but can Klever and it’s Apps utilize the tron blocking the way the want to?

The answer is

Tron blockchain has shown its down side by

  1. It’s too centralized, this contradicts it's full decentralization and this should be a worry for its users.

  2. Again 50% of TRX Tokens are store in only 10 addresses now this is worrisome as the price can be easily manipulated by these people 🙄.

  3. Finally, if you check their roadmap they have only followed and implemented few out of the rest, if you check well they are not even planning on following it.

Are these the main reasons why Klever is moving to its own blockchain? I think it’s part but not entirely.

Klever blockchain has attracted more partners than any project on Tron and klever frankly has more potential than Tron blockchain. A good reason for them to move to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that won't be restricted like how they where on Tron having just few validators calling all the shots, with little or no effects on voting. K5 is up and running waiting for the blockchain launch of klever to the mainnet by June. Testnets have been conducted and good results are seen in the feedback, but for devs you can still join the bug hunt and win some exclusive prizes upto 10,000,000 KLV in rewards for bounty hunting.

What are we expecting from klever blockchain?

  1. A partnership with unstoppable domain is already established, klever users can purchase their very own identity via unstoppable domains/NFTs

  2. Payments via fiat currencies now allowed because of the partnership with moonpay

  3. Staking for all KLV users available

  4. Crosschain swap withing the K5 app

  5. Expected DEX(AMMs) launches, GameFi (P2P-devikings presently on and more coming soon, NFT marketplace and SocialFi integration all coming.

The K5 is still in beta testing, full features will be shown after mainet launch, for now testing and bug related issues are checked via bounty hunting and through Audits.

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