Short Story Challenge - Day 5

  As I promised, this month I will do another writing challenge, this time the focus will be on storytelling, and I will try to immortalize a fragment of life, a short story about something that made me wonder, being that an idea or a peek into a stranger's life. Enjoy!  

Morning dialogue(11.11.2022)

I always liked France. Even now, as I sit outside a little cafe, eating my cake and enjoying my coffee under the shade of the Tour Eiffel, I cannot stop myself from thinking back to when they were just building it, with high-quality open-lattice wrought iron brought from some Eastern European country, probably Romania. I remember that Lumiere's first movie was still watched in Paris ( it was called "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory", of this one I am sure).

Yes, you may never guess, I am immortal, I lived through the ages, and I have seen empires rise and fall. I never knew why, and never ever met anyone like me. Ten years ago some geneticist that I trust told me that apparently, my telomeres can regenerate, and as soon as 20% of them are spent, they grow back again. Eternal youth also, for this one I am grateful. I am as old as time, being born a long time ago before the pyramids were built. My childhood was spent in a small Nabatean village, near the Dead Sea (was not dead back then). But I digress. And above all, this is not a curse, this is a blessing.

Oh, the stories that I can tell! The most naughty one is that I do not like garlic or onion in my food, even if I can tolerate a small amount. My skin is quite white, and I can get easily burned by the Sun in the summer, and on top of that, I like to go to bed quite late and wake up later in the day. You see where I am going? I may have been the inspiration source for Dracula, except that I do not drink blood. But then, without this, the story would have been a bit boring, isn't it? So that is no God's punishment, no deal with the Devil, just some freaky genetic accident, and nothing else.

Well, my cup is empty now, I need to go, see you around! and he left.

The cat was looking at him leaving, thinking about all the chit-chat: (What a strange fellow!).

But all that the waiter heard was: Meow-meow.


"cat cat cat.jpg"


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Mihalache George Catalin - Author
Mihalache George Catalin - Author

George Catalin Mihalache published his first book in 2015, his 30 years work into poetry, called 'Indescriptible'. available only in the Romanian language. He is also working on few other books and published about subjects related to short fantasy stories, biochemistry, diet, nutrition, memory enhancing techniques and impostor syndrome. After a couple of published books related to macrobiotics, he is trying to come back to his first love, fantasy short stories.

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