Random thoughts on a Wednesday morning


Minutes in the sky,
never ate that pie,
listen to my lie:
Can't love you enough,
can't love you at all,
listen to my call,
not until you fall
in love with yourself,
my little tiny elf.

Love yourself first, they say,
like a full moon in May,
may I take your burden, Tyler
I am not your jailer,

You were always free, you know,
yes, that's you, my little bro,
as they say, dattebayo.

We are here to rule,
like Princes of the Universe,
makes no sense, to wake up
so early, Earl, just to go to work,
eat lunch with a spork,
see Spock on the wall,
saying words of wisdom.

While your whole life
is nothing but a siege,
my liege.

All the time spent
building that bridge.

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I am a writer, gamer, healthcare professional. I am.

Mihalache George Catalin - Author
Mihalache George Catalin - Author

George Catalin Mihalache published his first book in 2015, his 30 years work into poetry, called 'Indescriptible'. available only in the Romanian language. He is also working on few other books and published about subjects related to short fantasy stories, biochemistry, diet, nutrition, memory enhancing techniques and impostor syndrome. After a couple of published books related to macrobiotics, he is trying to come back to his first love, fantasy short stories.

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