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By Miggyfr | Miggyfr | 7 Jun 2019

Who am I?

My name is Miggy Ferrero Rocher.


Where are you from?

I lived in Dallas and now I currently live in San Diego.


What are you going to blog about?

I want to blog about:

  • What are the best ways to improve mental health and mitigate the effects of having depression?
  • Why is the gothic and metal community so vulnerable to the effects of depression?
  • What is the health goth life style and how it can help many people?
  • What is some good dating and relationship advice?
  • What are some things general things that I like and dislike?


This is me



I have a twitter account

I usually share ps4 screenshots, retweet Ice T's posts and shit post on here all the time.


I have a youtube account too

Sometimes I upload videos like this and there are other goodies in there too.


I don't know what this does...

How did I find publish0x?

I was convinced to start using this platform because of Scott Cunningham 's youtube video.


What do you like most about publish0x?

I'm new to this platfrom but so far I like that

  • The platfrom is not tied to a specific crypto, like steemit. (See Scott's video for more info.)
  • I can create multiple blogs focused on different subjects.
  • The text editor does not use markup language and works very well.


Why did you quit Steemit?

I really wanted to like steemit so I used it for about a year but I ended up abandoning it because I didn't make any new friends, the website's design sucked, the content was mediocre, tag pollution prevented me from finding anything new or interesting.


Do you still like Facebook/Twitter/IG?

Yes, I still like those main stream platforms and use them quite frequently even though lately I have not been agreeing with their change of policy and business conduct. 


Ask Me Anything!

If there is anything else you would like to know leave me a comment. 



I am very excited.





Thank you. Let's be friends.


-Miggy Ferrero Rocher




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My name is Miggy Ferrero Rocher


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