How i make passive income through staking

How i make passive income through staking

By midnightfalcon72 | midnightfalcon | 15 Mar 2020

Hello my dear Crypto friends! Today i am talking about passive income.

I don't have a lot of money to invest in crypto and i never risk more than i can afford to lose. A lot of my crypto has come from faucets, airdrops and from learning about crypto from Coinbase earn. I also got $50 via MCO.

One of the sites that i use to increase my earnings is Stakecube.

This is what Stakecube offers:



Stakecube also has faucets which i claim every 24 hours. 


I move most of my faucet earnings from other sites into Stakecube and then use the exchange to get the coins that i want to stake. I invest in the following:

  • Bitcoin - I earn 7.572% p.a. | 0.02% daily interest (Minimum 0.005 investment to earn interest)


  • Litecoin - I earn 7.572% p.a. | 0.02% daily interest (Minimum 0.05 investment to earn interest)


  • Doge - I earn 7.572% p.a. | 0.02% daily interest (Minimum 1000 investment to earn interest)


  • PIVX - Staking and masternode rewards


  • ESBC - Staking and Masternode rewards


I then use some of my staking rewards and invest further in Bitcoin and Litecoin. Once i start earning enough interest in these coins then i will start moving some of my interest into my hardware wallet.

If you would like to try Stakecube then link is here: Stakecube

Don't forget to turn on 2FA for security and never invest too much on systems where you don't have control of the private keys!!

Have a great Sunday!!


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