Leo how does it works?

By Preferite | Midland | 6 Feb 2021

I recently discovered this platform through some posts on publishox. I have created an account for a few days and am discovering the various earning possibilities. 

  • 1 Blogging on Leo finance, is the simple way to earn Leo tokens when other people upvotes to you. But you don't need to be an author you can just earn Leo tokens also from curating others and get 50% from your upvote power.
  • 2 Commenting on Leo finance, by commenting the other post you can earn by the upvotes from the other people if your comments was interesting.
  • Mining Leos, this Is a great passive income just for staking LEOM ( Leo miner) and LEOMM (LEO2 Mega miner) but I have to better discover this option.



So you know other ways to earn on Leo finance or know something about it? 

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