The Next 10x? What You Need to Know!


BSC, NTF’s, L2, Top 10 Exchange listing, working products, rebranding - Does this have your attention? As the graphic suggested, could this be the next big thing? Read the full article to see why it could possibly be! With only a 51 million circulating supply and sitting way below $10 million marketcap, we introduce PhoenixDAO $PHNX.

The core focus of PhoenixDAO is as to their slogan “digital identity reborn!” the use of digital identity and authentication protocols to power the next generation of DeFi applications. Not only does PhoenixDAO consist of cutting edge DeFi protocols, but the project also hosts a suite of market-ready products. These products include DAO, Staking v1 (20% APR) & v2 (farming) dApp, Events Marketplace, dApp Store & NFT’s.

Key Partnerships: Travala, Polygon (fka Matic), Ferrum Network, Numio, BarterTrade. More to be announced.

Where to buy $PHNX: Uniswap, Bittrex, BSC (PancakeSwap Early April), Soon to be announced Top 10 exchange. The Community is speculating a Huobi listing after PhoenixDAO signed on a marketing agency - LunaPR. LunaPR and the CEO have been working closely with Huobi for many years.   

NFT Tickets? 

When looking for the next big thing, you need to work out what makes a project unique. NFT Tickets! Having launched in late March, The PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace is the first project to offer event tickets in the form of NFTs. Being a $67 billion dollar market, watch PhoenixDAO disrupt the event ticketing industry. 

More about the Events Marketplace:

- The PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace uses $PHNX tokens to buy and sell event tickets.

- Events can be virtual or on-location.

- Events can be assigned categories we are all familiar with.

- Event tickets are ERC-721 NFT's, allowing users to transfer, send to others, and buy for a family member or friend.

- Event creators have a dashboard for metrics and their sell data.

- The Marketplace is decentralized using powerful and familiar blockchain integrations.

The PhoenixDAO team is working with Polygon (Matic) Source to scale this NFT solution. An affiliate partnership with Travala (AVA) Source was also announced. This working relationship can lead to future initiatives such as using $phnx to purchase flights and hotels via the Travala platform. This dApp will be a monster!

PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace

What does the year hold for PhoenixDAO?



▪️Staking dApp v1 - Completed

▪️Events Marketplace - Completed

▪️PhoenixDAO Rebrand & New Wesbite - In Progress


▪️DAO v1 - Beta Testing and Soft Launch

▪️Staking dApp v2 - Beta Testing and Soft Launch

▪️Layer Two Scaling Solution and Enhancement for Products and Protocols - Ongoing

▪️Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Enhancement and Connecting to BSC Dex's - Ongoing

▪️On-boarding and Unveiling more partners

▪️Top tier Exchange Listing


▪️dApp Store Development - Ongoing


▪️NFT MarketPlace - Beta Testing and Soft Launch

What is Numio?

Built using the PhoenixDAO protocols, Numio is bringing crypto adoption mainstream with the tech and infrastructure needed to reach the unbanked. Unbanked merchant pilots in the US (testing has already begun with Cannabis dispensaries, a $17bil market) and Africa will be launching after Numio releases their products Numio Pay and Numio Vault. Numio will allow unbanked individuals to deposit funds into their accounts via sponsored crypto ATMs and pay for items at the register with Numio Pay. Numio Vault will allow banked and unbanked merchants to accept these funds and payout suppliers or employees using local stable coins.

Fees are a deal-breaker in crypto transactions, so the Numio team have incorporated the Layer 2 scaling solution, zkRollups so that you pay less and your payments are settled instantly.


The PHNX token has been added to the Numio apps, Numio & Vault, both as a means of payment and as a utility. The payment option is self-explanatory and the utility option works as follows.

  • Users transferring PHNX will be eligible for ‘cashback’ rewards.
  • Every verified identity that is created on the Numio app will see PHNX being staked.
  • There will be incentives to send PHNX as part of ongoing Numio Pay Day promotions.
  • Point of Sales (PoS) fee discounts for using PHNX.
  • Numio will convert 10% of KYC revenue into PHNX and stake this in the PHNX staking dApp for the 365 staking period.
  • The 20% instant staking rewards will go to the PhoenixDAO community who can then vote on what to do with them. This includes voting to token burns.
  • Numio Authenticator will be used to access DAO software and in DAO voting identity verification.

Download the Numio Application today!

iOS coming soon

Numio Partners with BTI

Partnership Details:

Through Numio’s partnership with BTI, Bithumb and BitForex have already signed up to use BTI’s surveillance software accessible through Numio 2FA.


Note that BTI also works closely with Binance: “BTI development director Marco Paez (Also Numio CEO) told CoinDesk his research firm is working with Binance to crack down on wash trading”

If want to learn more about PhoenixDAO or Numio:

Websites: &



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