ONIZ: Payment and Sports Betting Enhanced by the Blockchain Technology

By micmay | micmay | 2 Aug 2019

The only way we can so much increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies is by putting great efforts in increasing its usecases. This is one aspect of the cryptocurrency industry that has been a major challenge to most projects because there are so many restrictions to the use of crypto in our everyday lives such as bans from government, lack of efficient platform that supports use of cryptocurrencies to pay for products and services and so many others.

Efforts are on-going by some project to get rid of these issues and as such, we have started seeing positive changes as cryptocurrency usecases are now on the increase.

Today I present to you a blockchain project that has distinguished itself from other projects and decided to bring tremendous improvement not just to cryptocurrency usecases but also to sport betting.

The main problem that gamblers face in the betting industry is the inability to make right decisions when predicting games which you will agree with me requires a great level of expertise. Having said that, we should also be aware that gamblers sometimes are being faced with the issue of delayed deposits and withdrawals on conventional betting platforms and as such, these problems threatens the survival of the industry.

ONIZ team having carefully studies the potentials of the industry have come up with the great solution to ease sport betting for all gamblers its AI technology which will help a great deal in assisting users to make correct predictions of up to 85% accuracy.

As we all know that Sbobet which is a famous online bookmaker and is popularly known for their reputation in the industry, ONIZ is a proud partner of this platform and as such, users of Sbobet can easily make use of ONIZ AI based analysis tips on the Sbobet just by installing ONIZ AI platform.

The native token of ONIZ platform is ONIZ token with the symbol ONZ which has 8billion total supply. This token was created by ONIZ fund’s future technology which is a decentralized open source funds and helps participants in raising capital and also create sub-project by holding the ONIZ token. The usecases of the token includes buying of betting tips, payment of games on ONIZ platform or linked to ONIZ, payment medium on ONIZ partner projects and also initializing technology projects which involves multi-chain payments that can be supported by ONIZ.


ONIZ platform isn’t just improving the betting ecosystem, they are also working towards improving the usecase of cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives and as such, they have developed a powerful multi-chain wallet system which supports daily life and online payments such as online games, online casino, sport bet, money game and E-banking projects.

With this exceptional innovation behind the creation of ONIZ platform, we would definitely experience a lot of improvement in the sport betting industry as users can now effortlessly stake on accurate predictions being analyzed by the ONIZ AI platform, also with the payment solution being developed by the platform through its multi-chain wallet, there’s no doubt that the global adoption of cryptocurrency will definitely experience a positive trend.


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