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The gambling market is one of the most important places for mass adoption of crypto

By MichDon | MichDon | 23 Apr 2020

Digital currencies have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are thousands that can be used for different purposes. Most, however, have the primary purpose of functioning as a digital payment method.

The main difference with ordinary fiat currency is that value can be transferred from one user to another within a few moments, without much additional costs.

Since nowadays everything can be exchanged almost immediately with the help of the internet, it is strange that this is not the case with money. Consider, for example, e-mailing or sending each other messages via an application.

But if you want to transfer money abroad or someone on the other side of the world, it often takes days and involves relatively high costs. This problem is solved with the use of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency booming

About five years ago, hardly anyone had heard of digital currency. However, this changed forever in 2017. Led by Bitcoin, the first and most famous crypto currency, the market rose to unprecedented heights.

People who had never heard of cryptocurrency or invested participated, causing the values ​​of many coins to fall by hundreds or even thousands of percent.

Since then, the market has entered a downward spiral. This is not surprising, because the way up was made so quickly that it was almost impossible that a dip followed. The big difference now compared to before the explosion in 2017?

That is, people now know what digital currencies are and how to use them. This has also been done more since then and seems to continue to increase in the future.

Despite the fact that the prices of the prices have fallen considerably, there is certainly something positive to be gained from what happened at the time. Many people and companies are finding that crypto and the blockchain, the underlying system on which Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are based, is the future. It has a lot of potential.

Because most projects are still being developed, it will only become clear later how exactly this will be used. It is therefore fair to say that it is one of the greatest inventions of this century.

What are the benefits of using crypto?

Some outsiders may still be a bit skeptical. Because although it sounds interesting, many people argue that it also seems unsafe, precisely because there are no banks or third parties involved.

Of course you have to be careful and always do your own research as much as possible. However, when you learn how to use digital currencies and what the benefits are, you will soon see why a lot of people see so much future in this. The main advantages are:

  • Transactions are cheaper
  • You always have everything under your own management
  • Payments can be made in relative anonymity
  • Worldwide transactions possible without extra costs and delays
  • No inflation because maximum amount is fixed 

What is particularly striking is that none of these benefits can be found in the current monetary system. Especially the idea that you can transfer value to someone on the other side of the world, for very little transaction costs, is attractive.

In addition, it is fixed in advance how many coins of which cryptocurrency will be in circulation, so it cannot be printed as with other currencies such as the Euro and the US Dollar. This is precisely why many people consider it likely that the values ​​will rise even further in the future.

Cryptocurrency and Online Casinos

The online gambling world is a good example of a place for which cryptocurrencies are ideal. It is easy to transfer money to your account quickly. Moreover, online casinos that pay out quickly can make this possible with the help of cryptocurrency. As a player you can pay relatively anonymously so that your privacy is guaranteed as much as possible.

You usually only need a smartphone to make crypto payments at an online casino. Because you can store your coins in a wallet, this is easy to use. This way you do not need readers, passwords or confirmation codes from your bank.

In short, for online gamblers, the use of digital currency has many advantages.

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