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Discord crypto raindrops - passive income

By MichDon | MichDon | 22 Mar 2020

My aim is to try to inform readers of new and interesting projects, upgrades and updates to projects and of course any news of interest on the Crypto spectrum. Today I would like to give my view on some of the Discord crypto raindrop channels that are around. I’ll talk about the servers, coins and of course the fun factor which is just as important.

I am taking part in a few discord crypto raindrop channels and thought an analysis of what is going on in these channels could be of use to everyone that wants to earn a passive income with crypto.

Let’s start with explaining what a raindrop actually is. A raindrop is where a crypto gets dropped into a channel and gets distributed over the members in the channel according to the channels rules for distribution. These rules can vary from just being active by chatting in the channel to having to click on a button within a certain timeframe but in most cases, people that are active will get the most rewards.

As this is a great way of getting exposure for a coin, teams can use the raindrop channels to make sure everyone is aware of the latest news around the coin and ask members to help spread important news by posting on social media. The raindrops help members to stay active and stay dedicated to the coin.

I am a member of a few discord raindrop channels and will post my thoughts on the different servers below (no referral links are posted here, the links are direct links to the Discord server):

ENERGI $NRG Discord server -

Arguably the most popular and most famous raindrop discord channel is the Energi discord channel. Energi is a proof of take coin and offers unification of Smart Contracts, Governance and a self-funding treasure to ensure longevity and enable raid growth.

To learn more about NRG, have a look at the following vids:

NRG has recently moved to Gen3. From the NRG website: **Energi Core Gen1 was based on Dash while Gen2 was its Proof-of-Stake evolution. Gen3 is the next generation of cryptocurrencies overall as it builds coin governance consensus into upgradeable smart contracts.

Energi Core Gen 3 is based on Ethereum platform, but has own network with deeply modified consensus model and a custom Proof-of-Stake model which is based on ideas of Gen 2.**

Most people will know NRG from the huge earndrop that they did a couple of months back where the distributed a lot of NRG tokens to the people that participated. But NRG didn’t stop with the earndrop. They launched an airdrop channel that drops bits of NRG to active members that chat in the channel. The raindropping happens so frequently that even with little activity, you should be able to catch a fair amount of NRG. The channel offers multiple commands to reward active members like:

//rain <amount> which distributes the amount over the members that were chatting in the past 30 minutes

//mist <amount> which distributes the amount over the last 20 members that were chatting in the channel

//thunder <amount> which randomly selects active members to distribute the amount of NRG to.


The NRG team and ambassadors are very active and will ask members to like tweets or posts on other social media and will reward members with extra raindrops or rain parties. The discord also always has some contests running that can vary to doing a test after educating yourself around the NRG coin and NRG impact (NRG impact is NRG’s way of trying to do good to the world by taking problems by the horns. Think of plastic removal projects and helping orphans). But also by writing articles or making something visual around the NRG theme. Contest winners are always displayed on the discord and can win good amounts of NRG.

The NRG discord has that happy vibe around it. It’s fun to be part of it and for some reason you feel part of a community even though for most the major reason for being in the discord is the raindrop and to collect NRG. Lots of positive engagement, great coin and awesome raindrops!

1Milion token $1MT Discord server -

This discord server is quite the opposite from the NRG discord channel. Where the NRG Discord rewards people from being active and try to create a positive vibe and awareness for NRG, 1MT basically runs on games and lotteries to earn free tokens. The server has multiple channels where games can be played to earn a piece of 1MT. Games vary from reposting an emoticon within a certain timeframe to guessing a number between 0-100. They also have raindrops in between the games. The games are running on a pretty much constant basis so it’s always nice to hop into the Discord and play some games while chatting on other Discord servers.


The server also has some bigger challenges and games running but haven’t tried those out yet.

A video on this Discord server options are explained in this youtube video:

COIN $XYO raindrop Discord Server -

This Discord is kind of an in between server between the NRG and the 1MT server. Less people but still active chatters and lots of raindrops for active users. COIN is also an app that allows you to receive tokens by sharing your GPS location.

More information on the COIN app can be found in this youtube video:

If you want to signup, using my referral link would be appreciated: 

Unfortunately with the whole Corona situation most people will stay at home for most part of the day which makes the Discord server a great way to get some extra XYO. The team does a lot of raindrops and even do drops to members that are not being active during the drops. So everyong gets their share!


PYRO $PYRO Discord server -

The PYRO discord is also a great Discord server with a lot of activity. Lots of information on PYRO and all of the different projects that run on PYRO. Best art of course are the raindrops. For the raindrops on this server, you have to be really fast since the drops are mostly action based and there is only a limited time to claim your reward. I like this approach since it helps people to stay active in the channel. A nice ‘EXTRA’ on this server is the fact that they have a Pokémon game running in the Discord. You can catch Pokémon that appear when people are active and you can increate the strength of the Pokémon over time and battle other members of the Discord.



I hope this analysis helps people to earn some passive income by being active on the Discord channels. Do not expect to get rich from these Discord but…. keep in mind that you never know with Crypto 😉

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