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4 Bitcoin (BTC) tips to spend your time at home

By MichDon | MichDon | 25 Mar 2020

A large part of the world is currently mainly at home. Companies are closed, people are obliged to work at home and (events) are canceled. What do you do to pass the time? Time to give some tips to get through the days.

Don't have a budget and still want to learn more about bitcoin? Then start at the information page of cypherpunk Jameson Lopp. You will find hours of resources to brush up on your bitcoin knowledge.

Podcasts can also be listened to anywhere, anytime for free. Check the Hup Bitcoin Podcast and stay informed of the latest developments.


1. Read a book!

A classic tip for any situation where you have to sit at home or wait somewhere for a long time: read a book!

Some (short) tips at a glance:

The Internet of Money Vol 3. from Andreas Antonopoulos. This book is a good and interesting way to enter the world of bitcoin. Andreas is a well-known name in the industry and explains what bitcoin can mean in the world of tomorrow.

Saifedean Ammous's Bitcoin Standard takes a closer look at bitcoin's economic thinking. What is money and where does it come from? According to Ammous, bitcoin is the only proper next step in the evolution of money.

The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg. In 1999, both authors published this book: How Do You Protect Your Sovereignty in the Approaching Century of Information?

We are now in the middle of it and their book remains relevant and interesting to read.


2. Run a bitcoin node

Do you want to contribute to the network and really play for your own bank? Then take a look at running your own bitcoin node. With your own piece of hardware you can track and view all transactions of the network.

As a pawn in the network, you can also check your own bitcoin transactions. It takes some tinkering and you need some basic knowledge, but with a bitcoin node you really use bitcoin optimally. You are your own bank, notary and you no longer have to trust anyone on the network.

Everything you need can be found here.


3. Support your favorite restaurant or pub with bitcoin

Small entrepreneurs with a restaurant, hairdresser or pub are struggling today. If you want to support them and lend a hand, ask for a voucher for the future.

If you are still busy, you can immediately ask whether they (want to) accept bitcoin. That's two birds with one stone: you probably help someone with this and you can have a nice talk about BTC.


4. Events in virtual reality

If you have the budget for virtual reality glasses (or already have one), attending bitcoin presentations in VR is also a fun activity. It sounds childish, but it works surprisingly well.

Like all large-scale events, bitcoin conferences are canceled. Then you can't do anything, or you can make the best of it.

Various community members set up presentations and meetings. It costs some money and effort, but then you can enjoy a nice presentation virtually with other bitcoiners.

Check out a presentation below about a CoinJoin technique for better privacy with bitcoin payments.

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