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Hello World! zkLink is hot for DEFI!


General overview

zkLink, the world’s first Layer2 multi-chain integration DEX based on ZK-Rollup technology, allows users to trade assets of different blockchains in a seamless and secure manner. In the Klink system, Ethereum smart contracts are used for trading and deposits, while the ZK-Rollup technology is applied to move an asset from one chain to another without affecting its price. 

 The first decentralized exchange is based on Layer 2 solution that supports and its current test net supports Ethereum’s Rinkeby, Ethereum Goerli, Polygon, Heco and Ethereum Classic’s Testnet. I am excited to invite you to participate in the test and make suggestions for improvements with this link 


Cross-chain liquidity pairs & Security 

Cross-chain liquidity pairs is a phrase to describe the ability of technologically advanced coins to find funding in other networks.

 Zk-Rollup also consists of two layers. The first layer works like Ethereum Layer1. The second layer links to the first layer and ensures that nobody can breach user privacy. At a technical level, ZK-Rollup achieves the same security as Ethereum Layer 1. ZK-Rollup guarantees that nobody will be able to see your transaction by tracking your node or your private data.

 zkLink is very secure because the transactions remain private and cannot be seen by any parties other than involved parties. There are no safety risks in zkLink, and all information remains private.



Speedy Transactions

It is reflected by high TPS and low wait time. Currently, the TPS of Ethereum main chain is about 15; to the contrary, zkLink’s Layer2 network can achieve thousands of TPS, significantly improving transaction speed and
The TPS of the Ethereum main chain is 15. On the Layer2 network of zkLink, thousands of TPS can be achieved, significantly improving transaction speed and confirmation efficiency.

Negligible transaction fee

One of the most common criticisms of the Ethereum mainchain is that the gas fees are so high that it’s not feasible for small-value transactions. However, the Layer 1 zkLink sidechain solves this problem by enabling small-value transactions.

zkLink have created a sidechain technology that allows you to unlock the full potential of Ethereum mainchain and DApp, without paying a lot of gas fees.

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Michael Olanipekun
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