Meanwhile the MIBCoin Token Swap has completed. As of May 8, 2019 the swap will make the first Mobile Integrated Blockchain that is based off Smarthash Algorithms to allow a Mobile phone to mine cryptocurrency at 99.24% more efficient algorithm than any other. The algorithm is not open sourced but is closed source and proprietary. The source code cannot be found on the internet such as sites like Github.com. I became the USA Masternode Regional Manager in November of 2018. It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to take this leap of faith and be a part of this process. The main reason I joined with MIB Coin or Mobile INTEGRATED blockchain is because I see the truth in the system which is setup to make the rich richer and the small fall. It is clear that the central banking system is a failed and lost cause. There have been a few issues I have seen while learning the platform. A lot of individuals and scam artists are going to come around like vultures when they see a good thing coming and take advantage which is beyond me because the Platform is setup to allow for a peer to peer no middle man way for people like my self to control their finances without a bankster taking advantage and or a printing press that has no gold to back the fiat currencies it is printing and has not stored Gold since 1940. The truth of this came to.me while I was involved in the Qanon movement and Election of Donald Trump. The banking system and economy is controlled by the Crown which is three sovereign countries. These countries represent the three major power structures which enable control of the masses. The would be District of Columbia, The Vatican, and London City where all stand Egyptian obelisks. The District of Columbia represent the war machine, London city The financial, and of course religion which is the Vatican. When you have Religion, Finance, and War you have carnal power. The system is changing as the Ascension continues. It is now time for us to take control of our destiny and live in TRUTH.
MIB Master Node Manager Interview — Joshua Chisolm


Hello. This is from MIB Team.
We are having MIB MainNet soon, so we have prepared a relay interview for our MIB Master Node Managers.
Today we have the first interview from Joshua Chisolm, the MIB Master Node Manager from United States of America.

1. Please introduce yourself. My name is Joshua Chisolm. I live in Alabama USA. I’m a 40-year-old computer scientist who is a single father of a 6 ear old boy.
2. How did you decide to apply MIB Master Node manager? I began watching the mobile mining platforms about 2 years ago. The first that caught my interest was the MIB platform due to the ability for not only individuals who have the ability to mine but also the individuals in other countries who do not have the resources to mine in normal fashion. With a 99.24% more efficient algorithm thank any other algorithm, I realized this is going to be the key to many issues through out the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology platform.
3. What do you think about the future of MIB? The MIB Platform will be the future of mobile mining as far as my research through all mobile platforms this proprietary algorithm is the answer and its going to be a blessing for those who can’t afford or find a job or even know where the next meal may come from.
4. What is your plan to manage MIB Master Node? I plan to be an asset to MIB as Well as MOS Software and become the USA Representative for MOS. It’s amazing how I can touch bases all the way to South Korea. I’m truly blessed!
5. Do you have any last word for the interview? MIB Coin is the Future of mobile mining as well as Smart Hash Algorithm which will enable the individuals who have no resources to feed and clothe their families in countries where there are no jobs. Just by using their cell phone they will be able to make enough to take care of their families in the near future. I would like to thank MOS Software, Bolt soft, And MIB as well as all DEV and every Team member for this once in a lifetime opportunity! Thank You


Here are some details on the Cryptocurrency MIB Coin and the Master node which is now ERC20 on the Ethereum network.

MIB Coin White paper can be located here which gives detailed information on the coin from Test net to Main net to an entire ecosystem with a coin that can only be mined using your smartphone.


So you wonder how is cryptocurrency connected to the power structure and the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE? Well you must STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED. .
After finding the Truth and much much more I began to realize what my mission is and the things I needed to do to accomplish the goals. The separation of church and state can be seen in a few ways. Just like a socially conditioned human will believe anything if that person is only shown half of the moon, and they say we can't figure out how to get back to the moon. Or the fact that not one person can explain gravity a made up word... Or the fact that water always finds its level. It amazes me to see how humans follow more than lead or even stand for something even if you were taught it is wrong. J.P. Morgan had investments in the copper wire to be used in the power lines before he invested into Nikola Tesla. Once he realized the loss of his investments due to the Free energy Tesla was now creating that was the end of the road for free energy.



It all comes back to The only thing that can become the three structures in this reality, liquid solid gas. Electrolysis was something I learned at an early age working at a Printed Circuit Board plant in Dallas Texas beginning at the age of 19. I am motivated by curiosity so this was the perfect opportunity thanks to my mother who had been working in the industry for over ten years. When you see the procedures of creating a 32 layer circuit board from copper and fiberglass it is amazing. But so was AOL and dial up internet where it took about 5 minutes to get online after listening to the strange analog dial up. I spent most of my time for the next few years scanning reading typing, or should I say pecking. I can now type a little bit faster 110 words per minute. Thank you Yahoo chat. YOUVE GOT MAIL....
And so the life of a geek begins....
Thomas Edison promised Tesla 50 thousand dollars but when Tesla resolved the issue and created AC to allow the current to cool Edison would have no part of it. Was this in our school books no I don't believe so.
From the first computer which is about as impractical as the D-Wave Quantum Machine to The Rasberry Pi
I worked in every stage of the Printed Circuit Board process.
From CAD using Unix the Mother of Linux to electroplating with gold.
A current and conductor + - positive a d negative in a solution will cause strange things to happen.
Copyleft I go against the grain



And the career of circuit Boards was over before I could say do not Sub contract my credit to the Philippines where a mad man called The president of the Philippines says to his people shoot army drug dealer on sight you will not get into trouble.


Rodrigo Duterte celebrated his recent presidential victory in the southern city of Davao on Saturday night, and, in a nationally televised speech, he warned about the dangers of the booming illegal drug trade and told regular Filipinos what they can do to help.

"Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun, you have my support," Duterte said.

So the corporate do what they do cheap labor and we were sold to China.... Thanks to Sam Walton, and of course yours truly Board of Directors own Attorney Hillary Clinton and the Clowns. WalMart was one store in Arkansas with a governor who didn't inhale but snorted plenty.
Let me see what I have in my video library here at the Alphabet parent company to Google and YouTube.

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#MIBCoin prepared a relay interview for our #MIB Node Managers. We have the first interview from Joshua Chisolm, the MIB Master Node Manager United States. https://medium.com/mib-coin/mib-mater-node-manager-interview-joshua-chisolm-372ba33e2eac


![Alt text](https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/59fdc220cd54e70001a36846/5b83ad7a947a56a4ba0769eb_MIB%20Coin%20logo-p-500.png) My INTERVIEW With MIB And MOS Software @ ![Alt text](https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*0F4LFVH_-cKfHuzoJbJ7fQ.png)

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