Rollercoin celebrates its 3rd anniversary - Special event soon

By Mezza | Mezza | 30 Apr 2021

Hi guys ! I hope you're all doing fine ! :)

Today, little topic to talk about the future event dedicated to RollerCoin 3rd anniversary. We're goint to see what you have to do to prepare yourself for this event which will be a great opportunity to earn more and get good miners for less.

So why is it so special ?

I'm gonna quote the message Rollercoin wrote on one of their previous news :

"At the same time, we are totally up to the next update. RollerCoin will be celebrating 3 years this week!

So… Be ready for the next event dedicated to our sweet little birthday!

Please note that your power can be allocated to any crypto from the list. In order to split your power, click the button below, open the MY POWER section in the game and click on SPLIT POWER. Then you can allocate your mining power between 4 available options within 100% range."

Clearly, that means, split your power on a specific cryptocurrency to prepare for this event, this meaning is implied indirectly in this sentence.

The thing is, each event offered us new high-performance miners at unbeatable prices for a limited time, as well as new games.

So what does that mean... ?

Yes, you understood me, you have to mine the cryptocurrency of the site, the RLT, because it is thanks to this token that you can get these miners.

I am perfectly aware that in my previous post, I focused my network on Ethereum, but I specified to keep 20% on RLT for this reason!

Now, the advice I can give you is to split all your power on RLT, that way you will get the maximum amount of RLT to prepare for the event that is coming soon.

And I also invite you to try to play as much as you can according to your availability to get the right power, or if you can afford it, invest to buy RLT to put aside (this is not a financial advice).

There is no specific date for the event yet but it is clear that it will be soon, so get ready because it is the opportunity to get equipped to mine more and therefore earn much more cryptocurrency!


If you are not yet registered on RollerCoin, don't waste a single second more and register via my link to thank me and win 1000 satoshis to start :

You will be able to start mining and earning crypto passively and for free (you can also invest on the site but it's a choice that is up to you)

Thank you very much for reading my article and I'll see you soon for another article on crypto, see you soon ! :D

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