Why You Should Join RollerCoin During Season 3 | Start Building A Passive Income Online Today!

RollerCoin Mining Simulator Game

RollerCoin is a Crypto Mining Simulator Game. It is a game to give players a feel for mining Cryptocurrencies. Now, your not mining real Cryptocurrencies but, you can Earn Real Crypto. You can build your mining enterprise into a real Passive Income each month.


Right now, RollerCoin has launched Season 3 and event passes are Free with two upgrade options available. During this season you are able to receive all sorts of Rewards. Including the chance to get Free Miners to boost your Earning Potential. These are only available during the season event. During off season you will not have the opportunity to build as fast as you do during this season event.


RollerCoin Season 3 Event Pass & Upgrades

Join Now To Get Started: http://metawabbit.com/RollerCoin

Or continue reading for more information first before you decide to join.


Getting Started:

It all starts with customizing your character after you join. You can go for a full copy of your looks or make it however you like, be creative with your avatar, you can change it later anyways. As soon as your avatar is created, you are ready to learn some mining basics that gets you earning crypto.

Mining Basics:

The RollerCoin game is a simulator of crypto mining. It is a simplified version of how it’s actually done in the real world.

Network Power- is the mining power of all players combined, though every player has its own mining power.

My Power - Your personal mining power. It can be built by playing games and purchasing mining machines. The more power you have, the bigger piece of a mining block you receive.

Mining Block - Every block has a fixed reward in BTC, DOGE and ETH at once, which is separated between all RollerCoin players in accordance with their mining power.

Reward - All players receive real crypto payments into their accounts virtual wallets when the mining block is ‘calculated’ which happens approximately every 10 minutes.

Power Building - You can build up your power by purchasing miners for the data center and by playing games. They both add you the power and place you higher in the rank, but they are totally different. When you purchase a new miner, it adds you some power and the miner works all the time, even when you are not online. This power is permanent. To purchase your first miner, you need to get a rack first, then you can place a miner on it.

Mini Games - Mining power can added for free, by playing games. When you win a game, the power grows too, but only for 24 hours. This means that the power from the game will be added to your mining power and then disappear in 24h. To keep your mining power stable, you should play every day to compensate for the power decrease from previous days. When you win 10, 30, 60 games, you receive a better PC, which makes your game’s power hold for longer – 3, 5 and 7 days!

Mini Games


Season 3 benefits if you join soon:


DAILY Tasks - RollerCoin's level & XP structure in Season 3 is done by daily tasks. The list of tasks will be refreshed every day. A few types of tasks will change daily too. This means players will get more choices to complete their favorite tasks and skip the ones they don’t like. An example of these tasks can be seen in the photo below.



Daily XP Bonuses & Rewards:

Get more XP by visiting and logging into the game each day by receiving the Daily Login Bonus! The Free Pass in Season 3 allows everyone to get a lot of rewards, including Free RLT and 6 miners when you collect XP and achieving specific levels during season 3. Upgraded & Premium Upgraded Event Passes gives you even more Rewards & Bonuses.



AirDrops from mini games (including Free miners!)

During season 3 RollerCoin has included Free AirDrops ranging from Power Boosts, RTL, Merge Miner Parts, and even Free Miners. These AirDrops are being rewarded to winners in the mini games. These Airdrops are at equal chances to be rewarded one of these airdrops wether you’re a Free or Upgraded Player, you have about 50% chance to finding a Free Airdrop rewarded to you after each win you have playing the mini games.





Right now is a great time to join RollerCoin’s Mining Simulator Game. As you can take advantage of the rewards to help build your mining enterprise earning you passive income each month online. You may invest money if like and will have another post specific on how to make the most of that investment in future posts. This will include which miner is going to give best rewards for your money. In this post you are strictly playing mini games to complete tasks. Which, that’s all it really takes to start building and generating passive income online playing games. You could have over 6 miners at the end of this season. If you start building in off season it would take you at least 100 times the effort to build to what you can achieve during this RollerCoin Season 3 Event.



So, What Are You Waiting For? Join Today! Get Started Now! Just Click Image Below:



Quick Start Video Showing How Mini Games Are Played


Just a Fun Entertaining Video with Bitcoin Song:


Thank you for reading and watching videos. Hope to see you on the game soon!

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