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The Binary Metaverse: Crypto-capitalism or Crypto-communism?

By Pol Chain | Metaverso | 4 May 2022

When a technology like blockchain is capable of dividing opinions so much, of taking them to both extremes of the socioeconomic and political spectrum as absolute truths, it is necessary to pay attention

Photo by Alice Yamamura on Unsplash

The new battlefield of ideologies is not physical, it is virtual. It will not happen in geographical trenches, and it will not be divided by a Berlin Wall or several walls. The world is flat as Thomas L. Friedman said. Liquidity, heterogeneity, speed, disobedience and selfishness prevail in it. Beneath the surface are the existential catacombs inhabited by the nostalgic, the concrete and obedient who believe more in excellence than in speed. There, like dinosaurs on the verge of extinction, are still the altruists.

The surface world battles over whether blockchain will be the seed of the new Marxism (Mark Alizart, Crypto-communism) or an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalist technology (Jackson Palmer, Crypto-capitalism).

Why Bitcoin?

Because after the bursting of the real estate bubble in the United States in 2008, the most important crisis in the contemporary history of capitalism took place. Or, at least, that was Satoshi Nakamoto’s apparent reason when he uploaded his post: Bitcoin: A User-to-User Electronic Cash System on October 31, 2008.

The US government, to avoid the fall and subsequent financial crash of its country, decided to socialize the losses of private banking by absorbing its debts with public funds and generating a situation of economic and social crisis…+

The creation of a cryptocurrency served as a safeguard and protection of private savings against a new threat of rescue of private banks by the federal government using public funds.

Crypto-communism, according to Mark Alizart
  • Blockchain flattens democracy and the market. The state no longer has the power to issue money, now the people have the power to open the door to communism.
  • When states start mining bitcoin they will ‘tax’ from there for their infrastructure, health and education tasks initiating what activist Aaron Bastani calls: Fully Automated Luxury Communism [‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’]
  • The value of bitcoin depends on the value of the creation of each block in the chain. As the value of capital depends on the value of the labor of the worker.
  • Communism is statist, centralized, planned and totalitarian, the complete opposite of what bitcoin stands for: liberal, decentralized, communitarian and emancipatory.
  • Marx was the first to propose a Government without a State, before Satoshi Nakamoto, Ayn Rand and Frederick Hayek.


Crypto-capitalism, according to various authors (Vv. Aa.)
  • Blockchain technology further distributes wealth, enriching anyone in the world who has electricity and internet access.
  • Cryptocurrencies are quickly and widely accessible anywhere in the world by anyone, freeing them from geopolitical, social or cultural ties.
  • Blockchain was born from the bowels of capitalism to correct it and take it to a new freer, safer and more transparent era, disarming Crony-capitalism.
  • Blockchain gave people back their data, the most sought-after raw material of the 21st century, thanks to the emergence of Web3, the most democratic and shared expression of the Internet.
  • Blockchain blurs the role of the regulatory State, which has no other option than to let the economy be (laissez-faire) simply by supervising that the rules are followed.

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