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Dear Satoshi Nakamoto: Did You Already Send Me the Cryptos?

By Pol Chain | Metaverso | 12 Jan 2022

I have written several emails to the creator/s of Blockchain and Bitcoin asking to send me cryptos just because! I was virtually begging ‘Alms!, alms for the unexceptional’ to the mystery founder/s. Would you believe what happened?

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Dear Satoshi,

With a stone face I’m writing to myself to your email address. Nobody might ever reply this but carving on bytes thoughts and ideas is cathartic and pleasurable.

Being said that, I would love to receive, obviously, Bitcoins from you to do something for me and with high hopes, the world. Of course, this is a shortcut, and this doesn’t mean I’ll cheat you or not strive on my deeds. No! Going the distance is inherent to everyone who believes in Good (with two ‘os’ and one ‘o’). And asking for help is a valid mean that could be recompensated, or not. Who knows?

Life is but a continuous search for love, money, happiness, friends, help, recognition, et cetera. The proximity network has always been the net on which to fish for those necessities. But, thanks to you! that net is bigger, ubiquitous and almost immediate now. So, picture me as a beggar next to the virtual road you’re walking on the Metaverse. Imagine me happy, joyful and full of energy smiling at you seeking to hopefully find something and change my life. Or maybe I’m a postman knocking at your home door wishing for that door to be miraculously open so I can receive your contributions. You’ll be greeted with my ordinary, feverously, joyful and passionate strenuous smirk. Could any of these alternatives be possible?

I leave that to you my digital brother Satoshi. The hand is extended and/or the finger is on your ring bell. The stare is enormous, but the look is sincere and cheerful. Walk on, close the door; or stop or open the door… Either way: Thank you! I will talk to others about you and your generosity (or I’ll shush if you don’t want it). My hands will only stop begging and ringing to you when I’m busy helping others; and they’ll be joining thanking you. Thank you! 🙏🏼

I conclude paraphrasing your White Paper Conclusion

I propose to you a routine in which you rely on trust and you believe me. A usual framework of alms made from analogical gestures -which provide weak amounts of fiat currency to the needy- but completed with an altruistic and unexpected help from you. To do this, I beg you transfer some Bitcoins and I will regularly publish content as a proof-of-help(i.e., on Medium or Publish0x) to publicly share the history of helps that will quickly become humanely contagious (even for a dreadful human being avoiding them) to the whole honest human relations that control the majority of the love aid power. Transfer here-> 0x1cf0d8e53894298a4c2d4e34188db269e7c5112e

All hands up for Sat 🙌🏻

This network of help will work on simplicity. People will receive assistance all at once with little coordination. Anonymously, helps will be unidentified, accepting the proof-of-help articles as proof of what happened while they were in need. Now it’s your time to vote with your crypto power expressing your acceptance of this madness by extending them, or by rejecting suspicion of fraud by refusing to transfer Bitcoins.

Best Sat!

No replies yet, but I have faith in Good. Everyday that goes by is one day less to the day I’ll receive his/their help. I’ll let you know when the day comes.

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