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By LeonidNik1 | Metaverse projects | 8 Jul 2022

What is Mars 4?

Mars4 is a P2E Metaverse game about life on Mars. The essence of the game is to survive in conditions, there will be cold, you need oxygen, you will want to eat and drink and so on. The game begins with the fact that your spaceship crashes on Mars, and you need to find resources (metal ore, alluminium ore,  lithium, titanium ore, and so on) before nightfall to build a house, make it hermetic, heat it, and so on, so as not to freeze. Ways to earn money (Play To Earn game) - there will be some of them. There is a possibility to make money on the resale of NFT landplots (there will be not only land as NFTs, but also vehicles, there will be several types of them), but there it will be possible to buy and sell resources that are available on your landplot (water, and, as I said, some ores, etc). There was something else, too, but I don't remember. xD

In total, there will be about 4 versions of this game, in the first one (which was released on June 15th) only landowners could play. Yesterday the game became availible for everyone. There also multiplayer is coming iin 1Q 2023, further develop is real P2E game not only for LandOwners, but before that it will be a long time, like in 2024. There it will be possible to rent landplots, sell goods and earn money on it. 


How much did you invest in the project?

As for me, I bought 1 plot about 100 days ago and also about 10k Mars4 tokens. There was some contests(ex. building contest) where I earned 2 more lands! So now I have 3 NFTs which cost about 580$ each. There was an airdrop for landowners about 4$ in mars4 tokens for each land. Also, I got 50$ as a reward in gleam contest, I am lucky :)


Try the game -

Buy your NFT landplot(5% discount) -

Website -

Discord -

Coinmarketcap - 

YouTube -

Also you can try you luck in gleam airdrop:

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