What I learned about myself, by studying Universal Metaphysical Laws.

What I learned about myself, by studying Universal Metaphysical Laws.

By Cameronomnia | METAPHYSICS | 10 Jun 2020

The study and application of Metaphysics have changed the way that I believe the world works many times over. Over time I have come to understand that consciousness works in a way where each individual person living in it constructs in their minds. The set of values and beliefs that each individual holds in mind, becomes the ruleset, or lens through which they perceive and experience the world. This means that everything we experience in both the waking and dreaming states of consciousness we are drawing to ourselves by the power of our full minds and emotional energies.

Thoughts are things that are real and powerful, though they most often cannot be perceived in the external world in real-time. We come to know in our course of study that every thought has power and that every thought has a purpose. In my understanding of the Universal Laws I have come to know that every thought has power, this has quickened my ability to better understand the world around me, as well as myself. Before I came to study and gain some understanding of Metaphysics I was caught up in the belief of either what I was told by my parents that was the way this world worked, or by the traditional way of schooling and specializations such as what Science or Philosophy had to say. At times I even gave in to the thought that perhaps nobody really knows what is really going on here.


Much of what I have studied from Metaphysics has been so perfectly reflected in my experience that the only words I could say for my experiences are “undeniably true”. Some of these undeniable truths; such as precognition, have occurred to me numerous times and in a variety of different ways, this has led me to accept and adapt my belief system to say yes all of that is true and probably even more. I have adapted and readapted my beliefs again and again to include more of my experience with each new insight and experience. I have learned to also back up my beliefs with evidence as well as respect the beliefs of others. The model of this system is the “Yes, and…” mentality. Because in the end, it’s all true. Each person develops and comes to a conclusion of what is true and what is not true to them and every person has their own view of what that all means in relation to their own lives.

I have learned also to let go of some beliefs and hold on more strongly to others. I have learned how hard it is it let go of older ways of thinking too. I have learned that change takes time and that progress is not a linear progression but more like a spiral where we return to lessons again and again. I have learned so much about awareness as well. The truth that we are where we put our attention is known in a deeper way to me now as I have learned how to better direct my attention. I realize that as it goes with this type of learning, I am exactly where I need to be to learn right now and that when I exercise will I can direct my learning purposefully at any moment to practice the life skills that can be used to quicken the pace at which I progress as a soul.




I am a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. I have been studying metaphysics for about 3 years now. As I gain knowledge and experience I realize that the true purpose of the light that we create in the world is the sharing and passing on of this light that is conscious creation. I am a supporter and adopter of crypto as i see it as a very powerful, necessary and world changing step towards a more idea based future.

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