Spending A Week on a Self-Sustaining Farm Studying Metaphysics
Spending a Week on a Self Sustainable Farm Studying Metaphysics

Spending A Week on a Self-Sustaining Farm Studying Metaphysics

By Cameronomnia | METAPHYSICS | 13 May 2020

The following is a paper that I wrote before my experience spending a week as a College Student at The College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri.

This Paper represents my goal for what I wanted to learn as I spent a week Living on campus which is on a self-sustaining farm. 
The Peace Dome

The School of Metaphysics was brought into the world in 1973 as a place where all people of all backgrounds could come to study, learn, teach, research the ways to live in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern creation.  It is a 501(c)(3) educational institute of higher learning.


My Week As A College Student Paper:

I have always been an individual with a heartfelt and sincere desire to do good for others. I never minded helping people who were in need from the time I was a child. It was always the act of doing for service for others that was enough for me to feel a sense of purpose in my life. At this time in my life simply doing good for others is no longer enough to satisfy my desire for purpose in life. The highest ideal that I can imagine for myself at this time in my life is to become the best version of myself that I can imagine.
            I have always been a curious person my curiosity has let me on a journey of discovery to that which I wanted to know. When I was a child I was raised in a religious household where I was taught about who God was.  I never felt that this way of being was the truth that I personally identified with who I was. My parent’s religious views did not promote searching for answers to deep questions of life, but rather said certain information was just beyond what we could or should know. I was told to blindly accept what I was being told without questioning it or looking further. This way of being did not suit me. I was presented with a pseudo-Christian ideal by my parents that excluded any other spiritual works or teachers and I knew deep down that this perspective was not for me. I came to study Metaphysics because I wanted to find truth that was beyond dogma. I came with an earnest desire to learn and a curiosity to explore into the deepest parts of myself and creation. As long as my desire to know is strong inside me I will continue to work towards my goal of becoming a master of consciousness.
            I am the result of the person I once imagined myself to be. If I really want to change the world I must first imagine the kind of person who could change and then seek to become that person. My Affirmation for this week of study at the College will be :

“I am an inspiration to the world. By accepting the responsibility of being a co-creator of my own reality I attain freedom. I will live a whole minded existence, combining the hearts wisdom with the power of the reasoning mind. I serve the world when I am living by my highest ideals and aspirations. When I am centered in my being, my imagination is free to discover the true nature of the Higher Self.”

The Forest Cathedral

I chose this affirmation because it is the highest way I can see myself becoming. I have constantly been staying at one level of consciousness that is comfortable for me it is somewhat easy and does not take very much effort, which leads me to move into places of mind where I fall into a trap of being unconscious while awake. Thanks to the school I am aware of this unconscious state, even my dreams have reflected back to me what the pitfalls of unconscious existence can be like. I wish to overcome this unhealthy state of mind by being grounded in whatever I focus on. I believe spending time at the College will help me to resolve this trend.
            I have live in Chicago for most of this lifetime In my current job situation as a delivery driver I find myself constantly rushing around to complete orders in a timely manner. I am dependent on technologies of my mobile phone, car, and cellular network to complete my tasks. I am compensated well for my job and extremely grateful to have it at this time in my life. However this fast paced technology dependent job of mine has contributed significantly to the amount of anxiety I experience in my life. I cannot help but feel as if I am spinning a giant wheel that does not move me forwards in any way. The longer I am in this place of stationary circular movement the more my inner Self beacons me towards something greater. I am so absolutely fortunate that my job allows me to set my own schedule. This flexibility allows me to plan ahead and take time off to be a college student. I believe this stage is a stepping stone in my life and it seems as if this job was perfectly placed for me to have for a time. I wish during this week to spend time outside the noise and busyness of city life. I want to be in a place that has a quality of peace and calm timelessness that only a natural environment can afford.
            I would say that the qualities I would like most to develop in my self is my intuitive abilities and my consistency in accomplishing tasks. I have an issue with procrastination that has been with me since high school. I would like to rise above this habit. I want to reach a place of mind where I begin my duties early and even finish with time to spare instead of waiting until the last minute. My purpose is to move my life forwards instead of waiting for things to change. I know that I must be the one who initiates and creates the changes I wish to see. The purpose I have in developing my intuitive ability is to reach a place in my heart of soul guided creation. I have noticed at times in my life my heart has reached out with ideas that inspired me. It has been rare for me to actually take steps towards these imagined inspirations. In my life now I want to be the one who creates the things that will change the world for the better. I want to show people what I have learned and what we all are capable of. I wish to develop the ability to help and heal others and feel in perfect harmony in my own body. Most of all I want to become a creator, rather than a consumer.
            In this week as a College Student I want to expand my outlook to become the creator of a better more harmonious world for myself and all humankind. I want to find renewed optimism in the hope that it is possible to move human evolution forwards. I want to be in touch with my intuitive feelings and open my heart up so that I can create a life I am happy to be involved in. I hope to have fun learning and growing with this wonderful opportunity. I am very thankful that a place like the College exists to serve the desires of those wishing to find their true and best selves.

Thank you for reading.
I will be writing another blog about all of the incredible experiences I have at the College.
For more info on the School of Metaphysics check their website below.
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I am a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. I have been studying metaphysics for about 3 years now. As I gain knowledge and experience I realize that the true purpose of the light that we create in the world is the sharing and passing on of this light that is conscious creation. I am a supporter and adopter of crypto as i see it as a very powerful, necessary and world changing step towards a more idea based future.

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